Pearls are seriously on trend right now and are much more modern than the simple pearl necklaces your grandma wore — though we still love those timeless pieces! They are also the birthstone of June babies so, this month, CTJ is giving away a stunning $1200 Tahitian natural pearl with diamond setting and 18 carat gold.

Pearls have been known for their healing properties for centuries, particularly in traditional Asian medical systems. Wearing pearls can give you a sense of calmness and centeredness, and they have been said to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. The sacred gemstone has also been used to help women connect with their inner goddesses and harness their feminine energy.

That’s something we can all use more of, right?

For a chance to win this stunning necklace, simply visit CTJ’s Facebook page: CTJDiamondandJewellery, find the pinned post and comment to let us know what the perfect date night to show off this stunning piece would be!


Good luck!