By Isabella Domhoff

While we are on the topic of love, it’s important not to forget about the one’s that love us most – our pets. They are there for us no matter what, so it’s about time they get treated too this Valentine’s Day.


Now I’m sure your pets will agree that they deserve a present every now and then, so use February as an excuse to get them that cute new collar, a new toy or even bake them some special treats like these pupcakes from the RSPCA!


Get out and about with your pet this February! Take them to their favourite park, beach, or even just for a drive. If you have a friend with a pet, then invite them over for a playdate or arrange to meet somewhere. Find something your pet enjoys and spend some quality time with them, even if it is just cuddling up on the couch.


You aren’t the only one that wants to look good this Valentine’s Day, so treat your pets to a wash or even a hair-cut and watch the looks of envy as you walk around with the best looking pet in the neighbourhood!