By Shaan Patterson

I have a confession to make: I’m an indoors kind of girl. All my favourite comforts are inside. I don’t like going outside.

Why would anyone want to?

It’s either too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, looking like it’s about to rain, or simply full of stuff that I’m allergic to. Going outside is supposed to be good for you though. And it’s time I got over my own distaste for sunshine and head on out. So, here are my top three activities to take outside. You never know, I might even like it.

Check emails and social media

There’s nothing fun about emails. Unless of course it involves coupon codes for things I don’t need. However, regardless of how much I want to avoid them, my inbox isn’t going to clear itself. To make the task a little less gruelling, grab your laptop and a glass of wine – in fact, take the whole bottle – and head outside. Spending time outdoors can help decrease your stress levels and give you an emotional boost, although that may also be the wine at work, but hey, we can pretend, right? While you’re at it you may as well check social media. Enjoy the sunshine while you Facebook stalk your ex and his new girlfriend, post that selfie you’ve had for the past week, and laugh out loud to those funny cat photos. Emails and social media are a little less draining when done outside.

Read a book

Yes, you read that right. Books, people still read them. I am one of those people. There is nothing better than a good read so why not grab a blanket and a book and head outside? Surely if Alice can take the leap into Wonderland, I can step foot into my own backyard? It is considerably less dangerous after all. Enjoy a cool breeze while you stretch out on a blanket and read. There is something so relaxing about doing this. Not to mention that with all that natural lighting you’ll be saving on your electricity bill!

Date outside the box

We’ve all heard the term ‘Netflix and chill,’ so, why not turn it into ‘outside and chill?’ We’ve seen practically everything on Netflix anyway. Set the scene with a romantic picnic for two in the comfort of your own backyard and if you dare, let the mood (and the wine!) take you where it will. Who said the backyard was just a playground for the kids?! Added risk can mean added excitement. A tall fence is recommended, unless you want to give your neighbours a show they won’t forget!

Have you got a favourite outdoors activity we haven’t covered? Tell us about it on Facebook.