By Sophie Wood

Every day I come across small businesses who are reluctant to start using social media for their business. It’s too hard! I don’t know how! Where do I start? These are all common responses. The point of this article is not to scare or overwhelm you but simply display what is possible in the realm of social media.

1. Build customer relationships and loyalty

Social media isn’t just a platform to find new customers but mainly a platform where you can talk to your current customers. A lot of businesses get confused about this and think that it is all about getting new ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. That is a big part of it but why not start building relationships with current customers? This could be as simple as posting on a regular basis so that customers know that you are there. Alternatively, it is always a good idea to encourage discussion and write back to all the comments that customers leave. Everyone has heard the old business adage ‘It costs five times more to acquire a customer than it does to retain them’. So why not spend some time providing value and top-service to your current customers on social media?

2. Make your business accessible

Having an online presence is becoming more important than ever. If a consumer can’t easily find your business online, then I’m sorry to say but you’re hugely decreasing your chances of a sale. For example, I’m unlikely to eat at a restaurant if I can’t find their Facebook page or website with a quick Google search. Not only is it important have an online presence but you also need to make all of your information accessible. Your Facebook Page should be easy to find and contain all of the information that a customer might need to know. Common information includes website, contact details, address and opening hours.

3. Create a brand personality

Consumers are increasingly educated in the online world and are constantly demanding more from businesses. It isn’t enough to get the job done, you need to get the job done in the best way possible. After all, customers are human and they like to purchase from other humans. Social media is the perfect medium to show your consumers the more personal side to your business. Whether you’re flashing photos of your smiling face or replying to all comments in a kind and caring manner, this is all part of building your brand. Gone are the days when branding used to be a logo and website design, it is so much more now. Your branding is YOU!

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