We recently had an experience with a new local business that got us thinking: What is it that makes us choose one business over another? Google this question and you’re bound to come up with a thousand answers!

But we’ll give it to you in two words. Yup, you heard right! Two words!

Credibility [Oxford dictionary meaning] the quality of being trusted and believed in.

We deal with sales peoples, companies and representatives that are endeavoring to sell us something every single day. So where do we go? Who do we trust? What questions do we ask to satisfy our particular needs? My answer: who the heck knows? But usually, we buy from someone we know and trust.

Fact: If you’re in business then we are all one of those people selling something. So what makes you different from the rest?

Loyalty [Oxford dictionary meaning] a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

This one can be confronting! Do you create loyalty through price or do you create it through service/quality/demand/different or delivering on a promise? People are fickle, price-driven and often self-centered (not trying to offend anyone). So how do we create loyalty?

I’ve been in an industry in which I consider myself to be ‘serving people’ for many years. And what I’ve found is that loyalty is almost always about the person, regardless of the product! It is about the person you are dealing with and the product/service they believe in.

Trust and reliability gives you the benefit of having opportunities to refer or receive referrals. These are invaluable because it means you’re actually good at what you do! I endeavor to do what it takes to make my client’s business succeed, at times a loss to my own income! This could be perceived as stupidity but it seems to work because it shows I care about their future as much as my own.

So we’ve all read the words, and know the meanings, but how as business owners do we create a community that will stay true to us?

My take on all of the above, of course, is that advertising is everything. You need to be seen and exposure is really important! While the New Year is still two months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s marketing strategy. God knows, the months go so quick anyway!

Be smart with your choices and I’m here if you need me! Find out more about advertising with Get it Magazine by downloading our media kit here!

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