By Trevor Russell

Over a series of articles, sales coach Trevor Russell will share his best tips to help take your business to the next level. What if there really was just one reason why you were not making the money you needed within your business to pay all of your expenses and staff, and make a profit?

I believe it all comes down to selling – and whether or not you and your sales team know how to skilfully sell, that is, to use a series of sales steps and methods that apply in the current marketplace.

By “sell” I mean being able to consistently attract and enrol your ideal customers into the products and services you offer.

I know you can change the direction of your business to get more customers, more sales and greater profits because I’ve seen these principles and methods work numerous times if business owners are willing to work them in return.

But first, you’ll need to change. Whether you are the boss, the business owner or the sales manager, it’s you who holds the keys to change and improve your cash-flow and profits.

These are the thoughts that cost you money and keep you broke:

  • It’s the market, no one is buying right now.
  • There is so much competition out there, how can I complete?
  • My vision and why I do what I do is to make money.
  • I don’t have time to plan; I have too much work to do.
  • I don’t have the time or money to praise and train my team, and it’s a waste anyway.
  • If you make your team too smart they’ll just leave.
  • I sort of make sales calls, follow-up meetings and set targets.
  • I tried online marketing and social media, and it’s a waste of time.

These are thoughts that make you money and bring happiness:

  • I plan my days. I need to know what I’m doing and especially where I am going to be focusing on client needs, team performance and sales development.
  • I’m more concerned with the service we provide for our clients than the market.
  • I let the competition do their thing. I’m focused on what and how I can be of service to more of our ideal clients to bring them value every day.
  • My vision is to provide the best possible service to my clients and employment experience for my team.
  • I succeed in high sales and profits because of my plan and I work my plan.
  • I love my team, support them and praise them because, next to my clients, they are the most important asset to my business’s success or failure.
  • Training and development in the area of sales and marketing is my No.1 business investment. This is how we succeed when others fail.
  • We know how to consistently attract and sell people into our products and services.
  • Sales calls, meetings and targets are all planned and monitored.
  • Doing what I say for my team and my clients means everything to me. My needs come last because my team and clients are why I do what I do.

You hold the keys to success or failure by how you think and act every day. Be ready and open to make this the first day of the rest of your life and, I promise you, thinking and doing the things I’ve listed will start to turn your ship around.

Trevor Russell is a business strategist, coach, sales and speaker trainer, author and keynote speaker. He has worked with more than 200 businesses across varied industries and is experienced in peak human performance, marketing, finance and sales. To find out more visit

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