By Trevor Russell

In his second instalment, sales coach Trevor Russell will share his best tip to help take your business to the next level and it all comes down to marketing.

Considering only you hold the keys to your success in business, I want to go through the next part of the process so you can make the money you need, pay your expenses and staff, and also make a profit.

In Part 1, we spoke about mindset and changing yours, and I gave you some examples of thoughts that cost you money and keep you broke, and then some that make you money and bring happiness.

Now that you are clear on that, the next part of the process will empower you to attract a consistent flow of clients and put you in the driver’s seat to make the money you need to succeed in any market and industry.

I call it my one-page Marketing Success Matrix.

Why do I call it this? After studying marketing, working in marketing and conducting marketing every single day, I know it is a must-have tool to be able to sell with skill – and succeed in business.

This is now more apparent than ever, yet, sadly, so few people make the time to learn how to market their businesses in simple and highly effective ways to keep the doors open.

However, you are in the right place because I’m going to tell you what you can do to start today and get on top of your marketing.

The hot tip is simply to get your hands on the matrix. It will show you how to:

1. Attract clients into your business consistently every single day.
2. Skilfully convert inquiries from your marketing to have them buy from you.
3. Keep clients coming back to spend with you over a lifetime.
4. Present and get agreement from the client to sell with the highest margins.
5. Determine five simple and important processes to plan, track and measure your financials.

These are the five key areas we cover in the one-page marketing matrix. For your free matrix email

Trevor Russell is a business strategist, coach, sales and speaker trainer, author and keynote speaker. He has worked with more than 200 businesses across varied industries and is experienced in peak human performance, marketing, finance and sales. To find out more visit

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