By Erika Muldoon 

On the Gold Coast, summer is less of a season and more a state of mind. Which means on thing, 365 days of bikini weather. But don’t panic just yet. The Get it girls have got your back with three fitness classes guaranteed to get you beach ready in no time!

1. Mile High Cycle House (Nobby Beach)

I tried the Mile High Cycle House in Nobby Beach for the first time this week and boy was I impressed. The 45-minute high intensity classes are structured around burning calories and completing a full body work out. I must admit I was sceptical when I read that you could burn between 400-700 calories in one session. At the very least I thought anything that burns that amount of fat was surely way out of my fitness league. 

A little apprehensive I strapped my shoes into my bike, tucked my water bottle into its pouch and had my towel at the ready for an epic sweat session. As the session went on all worries about embarrassing myself, as the slow unfit girl in a room of cardio champions, soon melted away. My absolute favourite part of this class is that you can adjust your bike to your own level of fitness and work your way up. 

Cycling in a pitch-black room with the music blaring and instructor Sam singing your praises I have no doubt that I was burning some serious calories. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to tone up for summer. 

If you want to try this class head to and sign up for a free trial class! 

2. Xtend Barre Gold Coast (Broadwater) 

As a regular Xtend Barre gal I am well aware of how both enjoyable yet intense these classes are. I know how easy it is to sculpt your body and work up a toned bottom through a simple plie so I was determined to get my girls along. 

Generally with the girls when I use the words ‘pump’, ‘attack’ or ‘boxing’ I am quickly greeted with a big fat ‘NO’ response. However this time I was strategic. When I invited them along I was sure to use appealing phrases such as ‘pilates’ and ‘ballet infused with dance.’ With my artful terminology I was successful in dragging them along to my favourite weekly class. 

The room is set up like a ballet studio with large mirrors, the bar and inspirational quotes on the walls so from the moment you walk in you feel like you’re on the set of Centre Stage. The 55 minute session is sure to work every single muscle in your body combining the grace and balance of basic ballet moves with heart pumping cardio bursts. Your buns will be thanking you for the squat sessions that you didn’t even notice at the time, disguised as an innocent plie. 

If you’re worried about your dance moves not being graceful, DON’T BE. Rest assured that I alone would take the cake as the least graceful dancer around and I am sure my friends could take a close second or third. The moves are so simple and you’re working way too hard to notice who is the best dancer. 

There are a range of classes including Pilates Mat, Xtend Barre, Xtend Fitball, Yoga General and Xtend Barre Stick if you like to mix up your weekly workout. The classes are $25 for a casual class or you can sign up as a newbie and receive 2 weeks unlimited for $49. 

Intrigued? Head to to discover more!

3. Passian Dance Fitness (Palm Beach) 

Full disclosure, this class was a suggestion by my mother and I was really not thrilled at the idea of going along. I had it in my head that I would be listening to strange music and wobbling around the dance floor looking like an absolute lunatic while struggling to keep up with professional dancers. 

Sure enough there’s always the line of ‘regulars’ in the front who absolutely rock it and if you’re like me you’ll learn to copy them the whole class. Mum and I found a cosy little spot in the back and it was here that I started my people watching. This is the first class where I can honestly say that I have never seen a more group of diverse people of all age groups, genders and ethnicity. 

If you have tried and loved Zumba then this is the class for you. Passian Fitness is a medium intensity fitness class for all ages that focuses primarily on calorie burning and coordination through dance. You will be swinging your arms in the air and shaking your bottom from side to side as the instructors cheer you along and play the latest tunes. It was one of those classes where you feel so comfortable because everyone is just so into the dance moves that it really doesn’t matter if your twerk isn’t on par with Beyoncé. 

Once that music starts you can’t help but join the atmosphere and dance until you’re red in the face. These classes definitely burn the fat and the instructors even show you some of the fantastic success regulars have had by coming along three times per week. 

Classes are held at Palm Beach Primary School and are affordable for all with casual passes starting at $10 per class. For more information or to view a class timetable head to their Facebook page Passian – Dance Fitness

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