As a business owner and mother of three teenagers who all have full schedules, sometimes it can be difficult to inject vitality into your own life, says Gold Coast entrepreneur Salome Borg.

“Running a business that requires my full attention means I really need to be sure that I am the best version of me every day,” she says. “I owe it to myself to not only look after myself by eating well, but also physically and mentally. Just like my body needs exercise so does my mind, there’s nothing better than listening to a motivational or inspiring podcast to exercise my mind while I’m outside pounding the pavement first thing in the morning,” she says.

“The beauty of being an entrepreneur is being able to decide where I want to work for a few hours, so I head to the beach. It brings me joy, it makes me smile and gives me clarity.”

According to the Vitality Coach Nikki Fogden-Moore, these are just a few of the simple things you can do each day to help restore personal and business vitality in your life.

In 2015 it was quoted 64 per cent of people were stressed. Overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck in a rut, wading through mud and emotionally burnt out. No spark, no mojo, just monotony. The Huffington Post reported eight in 10 Americans were stressed about their jobs. Overall statistics show lower levels of personal wellbeing and workplace wellbeing, higher levels of stress, depression and increased anxiety symptoms than ever before.

Here Nikki shares seven steps you can action right now to get back in control, feel in balance and create sustainable energy levels for work and play.

1. Plan a winning week in all areas of life: It’s time to recognise your week as a whole and not try to fit everything else around work. Friends, family, health, fitness, time out – they all need to be factored in and lodged in your agenda like work appointments. “I call these the six pillars of vitality,” Nikki says.

2. Choose healthy fresh food – all the time: Fresh is best. Opt into accountability for great fuel for your day. Fresh salads rather than rich creamy dressings, make conscious choices for food that will recharge rather than empty calories. Don’t skip meals and go for the fresh ingredients on a menu when out for work.

3. Focus on fresh air: Rather than the “gym” or workouts and classes you know you won’t make with your ever-changing schedule, choose to get outside. Take walk-and-talks for updates with your team, even if it’s round the office. Most of all just move. Get out of that chair and stand up. It’s never too late to be the healthiest version of yourself no matter what your title, position or age. In fact it’s essential for clarity, decision making and sustainable success.

4. Out with the old: Stories that is…Give yourself permission to write a new set of wellbeing and weekly schedule goals. What worked for you in your 20s is probably not going to work now. Re-organise your health and fitness choices and use of time based on your current life and responsibilities. Get smart and be proactive.

5. Make exercise a part of your day: This is simple, do it every day.

6. Get rid of digital devices from the bedroom: Turn your sleep routine into a place of peace, calm and real rejuvenation.

7. The 1 per cent rule: The last, but most important, piece of advice I have for you is the 1 per cent rule. If you want to bring your business and your personal vitality to life, take each element that has been eluding you – health, personal finance, family or friends and add 14.4 minutes in your day dedicated to that. That’s 1 per cent of 24 hours. After 100 days you’ll be 100 per cent better off. You can’t argue with the stats.

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