By Isabella Domhoff

Valentine’s Day is a day where couples celebrate their love and singles realise just how single they really are. There’s nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day, so stop moping and get the girls together!

Theme Night

Be it Taco’s and Tequila, Wine and Cheese, or even Cocktails, find a fun theme and go from there. Cook together, order takeout, maybe even whip out an old board game or two. Make it fun, decorate, dress up or dress down and have the perfect night spending some quality time with your friends.


One of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever had was spent having a picnic on the beach with my friends. We went to the shops, prepared some food, grabbed our towels and went down to Burleigh. We were sitting on the grass with a perfect view of the ocean, eating and enjoying a few drinks. What more could you want?

Netflix and Chill

Ah the good old Netflix and Chill. Grab the girls, wear your best pyjamas, get out the wine and popcorn and spend the night with the boys that matter most… Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.

Date Night

Who says you need a boy to go on a date – organise the perfect date night with the girls. Go to a new restaurant or bar, go bowling, ice-skating or sing karaoke. Find something fun – maybe something you haven’t done in years – and have a great night.

Secret Cupid

In having a ‘secret cupid’ with your friends, you don’t even need to miss out on the Valentine’s gifts and chocolates. Get your friends, set a price limit (and a theme if you like), and enjoy telling everyone at work about the amazing/sweet/thoughtful etc. gift that you got for Valentines.


If you have a man, don’t feel left out, keep the Valentine love going all month and celebrate with the girls the week before/after!

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