By Hayley Bogaard

We are all guilty of few little social media faux pas – that shameless gym selfie, the over-indulgent sharenting and the incessant inspirational quotes? So we can forgive a little slip up here and there. But when it comes to your business page, cyberspace will not be so forgiving. Never fear, I’ve got a few hard truths that may sting at first, but I promise will help your business in the long run.


The lines are blurred

You wouldn’t pull out 10 different photos of your new niece in store and tell your customers about how she projectile vomited on you last week – right? Well, the same goes for social media. Keep your business page and your private page separate. While there are exceptions when sharing more personal content on your business page is very beneficial, for example a travel agent sharing photos from their latest holiday, generally you should keep the tragic love quotes and drunken selfies private.


Your jokes aren’t funny. Seriously.

The most important component for your social media pages is relevant and engaging content and, believe it or not, that doesn’t include that joke about dumb blondes that uncle Gary told at Christmas lunch. Was it funny? Sure. Is it relevant to your business? Absolutely not. Your business page should include a range of suitable and interesting content, both related to your product or services and general lifestyle content, which will appeal to your audience. Avoid irrelevant jokes, personal interests, political and religious content and silly memes – those you can just send my way.


Pace yourself

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your social media page. While it may be tempting to go post-crazy on a quiet Tuesday afternoon and bombard your customers with every cute photo, quote and product image you have, this is ultimately a waste of your time and detrimental to engaging with your followers. Try and schedule your posts throughout the week, with up to three per day and ensure that you are posting at peak times, when followers are most active online.


Put the credit card down

Unless you’re buying that new season pair of Louboutins, put the credit card down now and back away. While Facebook advertising and boosting may seem like the answer to all your prayers – it’s easy and everyone else is doing it – it can actually be a huge waste of your time and money. Paid content on social media is a really effective way to promote your products and build your audience but it must be done in a strategic way to actually see a return on your investment. But if you really just enjoy throwing your money away, I can send you my bank account details.


It’s all about your brand, baby!

Okay, now I’m going to throw a really hard truth at you: social media is not a sales machine. Yes, effective social media will engage your audience and subsequently build sales but what social media is really about is building relationships with your audience and developing your brand.
Every piece of content you post contributes to your online brand, from what you say, to the images you post and the colours you use. Build your brand effectively and the people will come, and with them comes the sales.

When in doubt, sit back and change your perspective. Your business’ social media page isn’t about you – it’s about your audience. What would your audience want to see?

And if you still find yourself posting that dumb blonde joke from uncle Gary, please call me, I promise I can help.

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