Spring into fashion

Your essentials to look the part this season

The days are warm, the breeze is cooling and Summer is just around the corner. Spring is the time of year where colour is essential. The cooler weather causes us to dress in darker clothes to match our mood, so now the weather is better and we are feeling vibrant, we need to dress accordingly. When shopping for Gold Coast Spring fashion, let these three points guide you.

Florals, florals, florals! Floral patterns are making a big comeback right now and are trending on all items of clothing – tops, bottoms and especially dresses. They are huge at the Spring Races this year too. When shopping for florals look for greens, blues, pinks, purples and yellows. These bright colours will liven up your mood and help your skin to radiate, allowing you to look simply gorgeous.

Costa Singlet Dress, $169//Sorento Necklace Blue/Gold, $69//From Costa Moda, P 55779887





The warmth in the air means anything clingy is a big no-no. Sweat marks aren’t sexy and clingy fabrics tend to make us even sweatier as they don’t allow too much of a breeze where a breeze is often appreciated (if you know what we mean ladies). Stick to clothing that flows. Shop for A-line dresses and skirts, maxi options and anything that doesn’t hug the body too tight. No sweat marks or overheating for us this season!

‘Weave on’ Tie Detail Overlay Playsuit, $549//Enhance Necklace, $49.95//From EEV, P 55778287//Shoes models own





Have some fun with it! Be daring when you head out shopping try new pieces and patterns you never would of tried before – perhaps even find an over the top, bold necklace to rock or a swimsuit in a daring design. It’s a time of year to celebrate, meet new people and go to new places – so have fun with it!

Sunflair one piece, $189.95//Sunflair Skirt, $189.95//Blue Bead Necklace, $39.95//Sunnies, $29.95//From Calypso, P 55778981






For all of your Spring fashion needs visit The Marine Village Sanctuary Cove – they have a large variety of Gold Coast women’s clothing stores. You’ll find stunning floral, flowing items at Calypso, Costa Moda and Sanctuary Resort Shoppe.


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