A Sisterhood of Success

We all know being around likeminded and inspiring women helps us to achieve our goals, but where can we find them and how can they help us with our small business goals? 


Was your New Year’s resolution something to do with your small business? Perhaps you want to expand and grow your business this year? Turn your side gig into your main gig and quit your corporate job? Or even launch the business idea you are so passionate about but have been procrastinating because you have doubts? 

Well sista, it’s now February and if all you have done is jot down some intentional goals and not taken any steps to achieve them, we’re here to help. 

A lot of the time owning a small business can be lonely, isolating and overwhelming. Much of the time it’s just you working any hours of the day and night to figure things out, find new clients, make sales and develop some kind of business and social media plan because you read you should have one online. You might work on your small business after your 9-5, when the kids are asleep or super early morning but it feels like it’s just you sitting there, with your computer, grinding away. There’s a million things to do and until you expand, there’s just one you to do it. It’s tough, but even though it seems like you’re all alone, you’re not. 

While you may feel like the only person up at 4am or awake until 1am working on our business, chances are there are women around you, perhaps even in your neighbourhood, in the exact same position. You’re not doing it alone, we’re all in this together ladies! 

Women are more business-minded and entrepreneurial than ever and so many of us have a small business or ideas for a small business. We know having a supportive friendship circle is great and a wise mentor can be the best thing, but a newer concept in the business realm is being a part of a tribe. A group of people there to support, inspire and motivate you. 

Having a tribe, whether in person or online, will be able to help you through your struggles like setting up websites; they will feel your pain when Facebook changes the algorithm and suddenly no one sees your posts anymore; and help you to choose the best outcome when you have a tricky client who is threatening to leave a bad review. These problems don’t only happen to you, they happen and have happened to all small business owners. And there are women out there who are willing to help you. And we’re sure you will have something to help them with too! 

So rather than feeling isolated, find your tribe and then reach our when you need support, advice or some kind words. When women empower women they become a force to be reckoned with! 


Top ways to find your tribe 

  • Join and be active in Facebook groups such as Gold Coast Girls in Business (have breakout box come off this one) 
  • Attend regular small business meetups like the League Of Extraordinary Women 
  • Participate in small in-person courses and stay in touch with other attendees 
  • Reach out to local women you find inspiring and ask them to coffee 
  • Attend local charity and community events and talk to other women, they probably have many similarities to you 

So go on, find your tribe and truly get started on your small business goals for 2018! 

[BREAKOUT BOX to come off above point – image of girls to go here with caption: Group members Amanda Williams, Asha Peck (creator) and Sherry Cottam] 

Gold Coast Girls in Business 

One amazing way to be part of a supportive tribe is to join the Gold Coast Girls in Business (GCGIB) Facebook group. This group was started by The Social Circle Founder/Owner Asha Peck. “The purpose of the group is to provide female business owners and aspiring female business owners a safe and supportive place to get help, gain knowledge, make connections and ultimately grow their businesses into what they had dreamed of,” Asha says. 

The group has only been around two months but in this time there has been businesses collaborations, the gaining of new clients, partnerships, regular meet ups and even some girls who weren’t confident enough or didn’t think they had what it takes to open a business have now taken those first steps to launching. Lifelong friendships have been formed! 

Any women who own or are thinking of owning a business can join the group. Just search for Gold Coast Girls in Business on Facebook. 

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