Continuing Swim Lessons

The importance of continuing swim lessons through the cooler months 

With Superfish Swim School 

Did you know that your ‘Under 5’ still has a developing muscle memory? That’s why repetition and consistency, of any activities you do with this age group, is so important for them to achieve activities, including walking, running, riding a bike, and YES swimming without consciously thinking about what they are doing! 

Repetition strengthens the under 5’s muscle memory, allowing it to become an automatic skill. The more they practice, the stronger their muscle memory will become in remembering those skills. When you cease those skills, especially in the developmental stage of their swimming progression, under 5’s will ‘forget’ or ‘regress’ with their skill level. 

Parents often remark, “They’ve gone backwards after our break,” They can’t remember everything now,” or I feel like I wasted my money in lessons.” This is due to your under 5’s undeveloped muscle memory! 

With continued swimming practice, these vital learned skills become automatic. Under 5’s CAN perform varied Drowning Prevention Skills without conscious effort.  

It takes repetition, consistency and regular exposure with swimming lessons throughout the year. A developed muscle memory with swimming skills could potentially save their life! 

Don’t waste the money spent on swimming lessons through summer by stopping lessons in winter! Drownings happen ALL year round, not just in summer months. 

Summer swimmers are developed in winter! 

Here are some things to help with swimming lessons in cooler months: 

     Rug up! Coming to and from lessons, have your little one wear a robe, dressing gown or tracksuit. 

     Don’t forget shoes & a beanie! Cover feet and head always after lessons. 

     Make sure your swim school is warm and comfortable for lessons. This goes for the water AND air temperature. 

     Have you thought about wetsuits and swim caps for lessons? These can help if you feel like their head is getting cold or if they feed a chill. 

     Have hot chocolate or hot soup after lessons as a reward. 

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