Do the opinions of others matter?

Does what others say and think about us affect our self-esteem, self-worth or opinion on how we should behave or present ourselves? I’m guessing the general answer would be yes. It’s in our nature to feel different emotions when others judge us, critique us or have an opinion on how we should think and behave. 

Take the emotion out of it and imagine you’re now a business Can the same feedback actually affect your brand, your reputation or your standing in the community? The answer is most definitely yes.  

Let us ask you this, as a consumer, when you are about to buy a product, enlist a service, take a holiday or try the latest place to dine, what do you do? You most likely Google it. And what do you see? Normally the top five results that come up are reviews other people’s opinions of the business.   

They either love it or they hate it. Usually people only put up reviews if they have something to complain about hence the old adage bad news travels faster than good news, right? Unhappy customers tell an average of 21 people about their experience; happy ones tell 8 people. This is serious stuff. Potential new customers judge a business on what others have experienced. Why? Because we live in a digital world that gives us way too much information and doesn’t necessarily allow us to experience it for ourselves, we live through others, just like on Facebook… but don’t get us started on that one. 

If you own a business or work for a business that you care about, trying to manage those online Simon Cowell “I’m so mean and you’re just rubbish” comments can be a challenge.   

Here’s a real life example… 

Let’s say you own a new gorgeous small café in a hip part of the Gold Coast. The foot traffic you get from your location is okay but you want more people to know about it. One day a bunch of young hipsters come into your café and all order coffees with some getting lunch too. They receive their food and drinks and two are not happy. One asked for an extra hot coffee and it’s only hot and the other asked for no cheese on their salad and cheese went on. Two mistakes that can slip through at peak hour in a café, and also two that can be easily fixed, had they of told your staff. 

But they are young hipsters so they decide to not tell the staff. They finish their meals, pay and then trash your business on Yelp, Trip Advisor and your Facebook page. A triple whammy. Suddenly your online presence that has only just started is trashed by not only the two unhappy customers but also the four other friends. They leave reviews like… 

  • “They always serve coffee cold. If you want your coffee brought out to you while it’s still warm, you shouldn’t go here. 
  • “I ordered an item on the menu that said it was vegan but it came out with cheese. I ate it anyway because I’ve only been vegan a week so really what difference would it make? (And I love cheese.) But still… these people are not vegan friendly.” 
  • “We went here as a group and clearly the staff cannot cater to any more than one or two people because they got all of our orders wrong. Terrible place for groups to go.” 

Imagine if that was your business. You’d feel terrible they had such a bad experience and that you weren’t even given an opportunity to rectify it as they didn’t tell the staff in the café. You’d also feel frustrated that these reviews were fabricated, exaggerated and even contain nonsense. But it’s out there in the big World Wide Web now for all to see. Your reputation begins to head down the drain… 

The Get it team live and suffer through the digital age, and we are always looking for ways to help our clients ‘keep the wolves at bay’. Before you think it, no, this is not a sales pitch to get you to consider something we have discovered that is totally amazing and will potentially change your lifeWe are just letting you know there are alternatives out there and maybe we can keep you from falling into the abyss of obscurity or fame depending on the context of the REVIEW. 

So let’s talk about why reviews are so important. Did you know that 92% of people have read online reviews of local businesses and 67% of Australians report reading online reviews before making a purchase decision? If you don’t have any reviews to find online, a considerable number of people wouldn’t look twice at purchasing from your business, ouch. 

What’s more is that people trust reviews as reviews are left by customers that experienced what your business has to offer (let’s hope their experience was a good one for your sake!). A whopping 68% of people say reviews make them trust a business and only 13% would go to business that has 1 or 2 star ratings online. So what people are saying about you actually does matter. 

We’ve come up with a system that works, and it’s working right now to help our clients get more good online reviews and, in turn, more sales, purchases and customers through the door. We pride ourselves on changing how you are viewed online. 

Let’s go back to our unhappy hipsters trashing your gorgeous new café example. Imagine if you were able to see those reviews and implement customer relations with the unhappy customers by intercepting the issue before it makes it online… that would be amazing right? Too good to be true even? Wrong. It can be done and, even better, we know how to do it. 

We can help change your reputation online and build up a fantastic one with vibrant positive comments from real customers. As we said before, this isn’t a sales pitch, we just want you to know that you can change how others view you online, and you can control it too. 

If you’d like to hear more about reviews and the good and bad they do for you, as well as meet Get it’s digital angels ready to resurrect businesses at the flap of their wings, come along to our workshop next month. 


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