Hipsters Paradise

Move over Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast is no longer known for just it’s surfers and surf breaks 

There’s a new reason we’re making headlines, and it may come as a surprise to you. We have been labelled as the hipster capital of Australia. Yes, that’s right, the Gold Coast. The avo on toast, acai bowls and chai lattes we consume have not gone unnoticed. 

While you would think the cultural hubs of Melbourne or even Sydney are more hipster” (apparently that is now a measurement), a new study has proven otherwise. And hipsters of Melbourne and Sydney are not too happy about it! 

A study called the Hipster Index (no lie, that’s the actual study name!), published by MoveHub, released findings into what and where are the coolest cities. The study analysed towns by assessing how many vegan eateries, tattoo studios, coffee shops, vintage boutiques, and record stores a centre has per 100,000 residents. Those with a higher ratio are thought to be more hipster. 

And the Gold Coast came out on top compared to all other Aussie cities, followed by Cairns believe it or not. While it’s probably not something you will go bragging to your Sydney or Melbourne friends about (unless you’d like to rub salt in the wound), it’s good to know that you’re never going to be in shortage of places to go have a Sunday brunch at. And you know at least some of the large array off coffee shops will get your order right Grande Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk, anyone? 


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