Astrology in the workplace: the good, the bad and the ugly

Sarah Murphy, creator of The Bruja Mix and Melbourne based astrologer and tarot reader, teaches us the signs when it comes to astrology in the workplace.

The workplace is a minefield of people, personalities, positions and roles. Work, like death and taxes, is inevitable. As we spend so many hours with our co-workers, they can become like a surrogate family. We don’t get much of a say on who these people are, but what we can do is understand our co-workers from an astrological perspective. Every astrological sign has its high vibe and its low vibe manifestation, its own little mini cheat sheet. From this we can deduce when they are being good, bad or plain ugly! The aim of this is to allow you to know when to appreciate your co-workers for their natural ‘je ne sais quoi’ or when to just ‘walk away’ from any potential work place drama. This is an inside guide into how to navigate the work place when things get a little weird! So here it is: sun signs in the world place!


The good: Strong leaders, passionate, abundant energy, creative

The bad: Overly competitive, burn out, haven’t worked out this is a marathon, not a sprint

The ugly: Random outbursts or me’isms, aggressive


The good: Hardworking, stable and reliable

The bad: Slow and fixed in their ways

The ugly: Slightly indulgent with food or their bank balances, dislike any change, resistant to change


The good: Chatty, intelligent, multifaceted, can chew the hind leg off a donkey

The bad: Distractible, takes on too much, can chew the hind leg off a donkey

The ugly: Two-faced, un-readable, a little too good at lying


The good: Caring, nurturing, great business acumen

The bad: Moody, closed off, “I’m fine!” (clearly not)

The ugly: Their death looks make you feel like they might be putting a voodoo on you, aggressive in their attempts to ‘care’ for you


The good: Brave, leadership, fun, creative, animated

The bad: Show off, attention seeker

The ugly: Centre of the drama (and you don’t work in television)


The good: Great analysis, communication and organisations skills, masters of Excel

The bad: Can over-organise, fails to see the big picture

The ugly: Aggressive when you borrow a stapler and you don’t put it back in its spot


The good: Strong, stable, makes people feel welcome, great ability to make fair decisions

The bad: Doesn’t deal with imbalance, can be overwhelmed

The ugly: Keeps everyone hanging while they make their decision about lunch


The good: Intuitive, perceptive, accurate judge of character, caring.

The bad: Unreadable, hidden

The ugly: So, does anyone know the closest emergency centre so I can remove the Scorpio sting, I just randomly acquired


The good: Big picture thinkers, go-getters, enthusiasm abounds, adventurous

The bad: Unrealistic, inflammatory, provocative

The ugly: Aggressive about what they think the “right” way of doing things, or still covered in glitter from last night’s dance party


The good: Hardworking, great leaders, cautious, realistic, solid

The bad: Lacking warmth (for appearance sake), distant

The ugly: Will do anything to stay on top or in power


The good: Great team workers, loves social activities, fun

The bad: Not great in working alone or is vocal if the groups needs aren’t met, detached

The ugly: Can get a little too judgy, a little too random


The good: Intuitive, unique visionaries, caring, supportive

The bad: Not clear or decisive, ungrounded, sacrificial, contradictory

The ugly: Still drunk from the night before, is in tears over an un-necessary over commitment at work that wasn’t their fault

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