COVID-19 check-in: how can we help you today?

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We’ve all been affected by recent events. No one saw any of this coming, and the speed at which it’s all of a sudden unfolded is really quite shocking. Words we hear most frequently include ‘anxious’, ‘worried’ and ‘stressed’.

Team Get it feels it too. Between us we’ve had travel cancelled, business fall through, been told to socialise less (our video chats are blowing up though!), study transform to ‘online only’, one of our team is still stuck overseas, and we’re all wondering, ‘what’s next?’

Coronavirus anxiety is real. All we needed on top of health concerns is money worries, but that’s exactly what we’re experiencing.

What have we got now then, if business has slowed?


That time can be used to get caught up in worry.

Or, we can use it in other ways.

The ‘new normal’ – our approach

Like you, we’re getting pretty good at making quick decisions. Lately there hasn’t been much time to analyse the options anyway. It’s easy to get panicked by what’s going on around the world – images of empty supermarket shelves and full hospitals, millions of businesses closed and the new normal – ‘social distancing’.

We gave ourselves permission to ‘feel’ it all, but then collectively chose to move forward, looking for ways to view the situation differently.

We’re using this ‘forced’ downtime to reflect and plan. You asked us for more stories on productivity and time management, because ‘time’ (or lack of it) is a real problem for most of us. Over the past few months we answered your call, and ran features including ‘How to Get More Done While Feeling Less Busy‘.

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How can we help you?

While we wait this out together, know that we’re right here with you. Together, we can get prepared to be in the right place at the right time when the shift comes. The World Health Organization has labelled Coronavirus (COVID-19) as as a pandemic, which we shouldn’t take lightly. It’s serious, and in Queensland we’ve been experiencing both health and economic ramifications since the beginning of the year.

But, it will be beaten.

The world may look a little different on the other side of this public health crisis, however, with change comes opportunity.

We want to be ready when consumer confidence comes back, when the borders re-open and when we can get back to being social (not just the Facebook kind).

In the meantime, at Get it, we’ll endeavour to be in touch more online. We’ll share our learnings with you at this crazy time, and we’d love to hear back from you too. Let us know what you’re worried about. Can we help with anything?

Making the best of it

We’ve watched what’s being published out there that’s a bit of an antidote to the news which we know many of you have turned off, with the exception of looking at key updates.

Whether you run a business, work for yourself or in a company as part of a team, following are some things you might like to read or watch to shift you out of anxiety or worry at this time 🌻

Dan Holloway’s video below is just an 8 minute watch, and he shares how we can learn to accept the situation we’re in (despite the change we’re experiencing); make plans for the future, and focus on how we can serve others including our colleagues or clients.


Resources and reading

Dealing with Coronavirus anxiety – Get it girl Sarah Blinco’s advice, after getting caught in lock-downs in both Italy and the UK in the space of a month!

Tapping for anxiety – a five minute relaxation activity to try if you’re feeling worried today.

How to be your own life coach – Get it contributor Kylie Zeal offers helpful insight into how to change the language we use when talking to ourselves.

Marketing in times of uncertainty – a comprehensive guide prepared by Social Media Examiner, worth a read if you’re wondering what your options are and how to approach promoting your business and brand at this time.

Learn: the Science of Well-being – If you’ve got spare time, use it to up-skill or re-skill. Yale University (America) is offering one of its most popular courses online for FREE!

– Make the best of online communities at this time. Take part in the conversation on our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for wellbeing groups hosted by locals like former Get it cover star Madonna Williams.


Let us know how you’re getting on too. Stay safe and well, and let’s tackle the future together 🙌

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