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Working from home – WFH – once an acronym applicable only to a certain type of freelance or flexible worker – and now something we’re all adapting to – fast.

Adjusting to working from home is easier for some than others. There are distractions to deal with (kids and other non-work related routines); some people have to use video conferencing tech for the first time, and that is daunting!


Then the big question – will there be enough WiFi to go around?

Across the world we’re being told to practice social distancing and self-quarantine.

Trending Instagram and Twitter hashtags include #staytheFhome, or more to the point, #stayhomesavelives.

Celebs and their pets are even getting on board.


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For Meredith, self quarantining is a way of life. Be like Meredith.

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It’s probably something we’ll have to adapt to for a month or two. But who knows, maybe it will become a better way of working for you?

In the Get it office, we’ve always been fans of flexible working. Some of the team work remotely full time, while others spend a couple of days in the office a week, and work remotely the rest of the week. We’re not hung up on the ‘9 to 5’ either – create when you’re feeling productive. We’ve always seen this as the future of work – perhaps we’ll get there sooner than expected though!

We’re intent on inspiring you to make the best of what on many levels is a bad situation. So let’s take a look at WFH happiness 😊

Working from home happiness during Coronavirus - links to help you through it

Working from home happiness

Links we love

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– ‘Recharging is as important as doing‘ – Get it contributor Samantha Taylor with mindset tips and a bonus FREE download.

Being ‘best dressed’ on your video calls – Vogue insider tips!


…Then of course there’s Pinterest!

Search ‘work from home office ideas‘ – you can thank us later 🤩

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