Body Scrub with Benefits

Matiah Haros, creator and founder of Sugar Monster, has a DIY body scrub recipe that is easy and low cost!

Beauty routines and regimes have long been a woman’s secret to feeling fabulous, and their popularity is not waning 

There are SO many different products that you can incorporate into your routine and if you’re watching online influences, you’ll see their arsenal of beauty buys and products can sometimes resemble an entire beauty store for their skin! 

But let’s be real. Most of us don’t have time OR money for that. Of course, it’s great to indulge in fancy products and self-care is a big thing on my list, but it doesn’t always have to have the big price tag attached. There are so many beneficial and luxurious products out there that are inexpensive and natural.  

Enter body scrubs 

Using a scrub before your body wash or even before shaving not only exfoliates away dead skin but it allows the products you are using afterwards to absorb completely into the skin! I can guarantee that once you feel the difference, you’ll never go without one again.  

The great thing about the Sugar Monster scrubs is they contain natural ingredients and you’re getting double the amount of your average shelf scrub!  

Sugar, sea salt and essential oils are the magic trio to achieving flawless, smooth skin and every Sugar Monster scrub is packed with them.  

Keeping your beauty routine simple is sometimes the best way to go – for your skin and your wallet. A body scrub is my go to for soft, beautiful skin and incorporating one into your routine is a life changer.  

Make your own!  

I’m all about keeping things simple! Every Sugar Monster scrub uses only the best essential oils and organic ingredients. Plus, they smell good enough to eat! However, if you’re a DIY enthusiast like me and want to make your own, then give this beauty a try!  

cup Pink Himalayan salt 

½ cup Coconut sugar (or any sugar you like)  

¼ cup Olive or Sunflower Oil
A few drops of essential oil (optional)  

Mix all ingredients together until you reach a consistency you’re happy with!  

If you like your scrubs with more moisture, add more oil. If you like a good exfoliation, keep it a little dry. Pop it in an air tight container and there you go.  

Simple, affordable and effective! Clean, fresh, smooth supple skin is yours! 

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