Me think she doth repost too much

Krysten Davis gives us her hilarious tips on how to be the best YOU!

There is a social media trend to post photos of athletic looking women, or women wearing linen walking on a beach with the caption ‘I am a strong and powerful woman!’ (Or something similar) These images are posted (and reposted) for two reasons. 

  1.  You actually are feeling strong and powerful and you want to share your awesomeness with the world! Go you…. 
  2. You are feeling weak and helpless but you want to make yourself feel strong and powerful. 

If you are in the second group I. Feel. You. But when you post this you not only do you NOT feel strong and powerful you compound this with the guilt of secretly knowing that you don’t feel strong and powerful. It’s a lose lose. 

There is a ‘self-help’ book form the 80’s (one of the first) called ‘The Road Less Travelled’ by M.Scott.Peck. He starts this book basically by saying ‘life is hard- get over it’. There is something liberating in this. No one‘s life is as perfect as the Instagram picture that they portray. Kids are hard work, relationships are hard work. Juggling the complex web of responsibilities that is the modern woman’s life is hard work.  

You don’t need to be ‘strong and powerful’ you just need to be ….enough. And you know what you’re ARE enough. 

We have had the craziest 2020- we have all being working to survive the ‘zombie apocalypse’ between home schooling, stocking up on toilet paper and catching up on ‘Tiger King’ the last four months have been really tough. 

It is perfectly OK not to feel strong and powerful – but to feel a bit helpless and overwhelmed. This is a completely normal reaction to an extraordinary situation. We all struggle when we feel events are out of our control. SO many things are out of our control at the moment. 

Focus on the things you can control. Do one thing every day just for you. I don’t mean drink champagne in a bubble bath (although if you can arrange this I recommend it!) I also don’t mean BUY something for yourself. Purchases are sugar hits- sweet but fleeting. 

Do a small thing- go for a 30min walk, drink 2L of water, try to ensure that you get 8 hours sleep. Make yourself a cup of tea….. and drink the whole thing uninterrupted! Count these things as victories! 

Life is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t have to have everything all together- all at once- work on things little bit by little bit. Congratulate yourself for just adulting. Don’t believe those people who’s Instagram/Facebook shows daily perfection. Check out Celeste Barber or Constance Hall on the socials for a dose of hilarious realism. 

BE KIND………especially to yourself. 

You are, at heart, are strong and powerful but not because you’ve reposted a meme. 



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