Guide To Picking An Engagement Ring

How much should be spent on an engagement ring? Here are some of the guiding factors to consider when picking an engagement ring.

When deciding the affordability, the buyer has to be rational and emotional when deciding on the price of the engagement ring. This is because of two factors: their partner’s expectation and the financial situation of the buyer. The goal is to find middle ground between the two. Averagely, an engagement ring should cost a maximum of $13,000 AUD. There exist several rules regarding the pricing of engagement rings, ranging from spending a two month salary on an engagement ring to the old rule of using the national average spending. But a buyer is always free to decide on the price to pay for the engagement ring.

Finding out what she likes/expectations

Most women always dream for the big day. They always have expectation of their perfect engagement ring. They will need a stylish and an exotic shape for their engagement ring. When shopping for an engagement ring always consider a lady’s opinion on what will be good diamond on her finger.

Different styles/designs of Engagement Rings

There are 30+ engagement ring styles in the world. As a buyer, settling on the best design is always a huddle but should not be the case when the time is not on your side. The most commonly used designs are solitaires, cluster settings, cathedral styled engagement ring, halo design, Three-stone design and many more, and the list is endless. To get a better understanding and choosing your preferred design, visit different diamond stores to get expert advice.

Popular Engagement Rings settings

Just as engagement ring designs there exist many engagement rings settings. The most popular settings are the pave, halo, cluster, eternity, prong and solitaire setting, cathedral, infinity and antique or vintage setting. It is a buyer’s decision to choose which engagement setting he/she prefers.

How to choose an engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be mind-boggling, use this 4 tips to get through your choosing phase of an engagement ring.

Know the 4Cs

After stalking your partner’s Pinterest, Instagram and consulting with her friends and family, you have the certainty of what she likes. If your day is near by, she probably have searched and you might find a hint in her social media about kind of ring she likes. And as something is already in her mind, if you bring that same ring to her, She will definitely going to like it. What not to forget is the 4Cs of an engagement ring. The 4Cs stands for colour, clarity, the carat weight and cut. The four features will determine the cost of the engagement ring and the price that as a buyer you’ll have to pay for the engagement ring.

Know about different stones

Moissanite jewelleries are the most preferred after diamond, this is because these precious gemstones closely resemble diamond. People love moissanite because it is lab nurtured, for this reason eco-friendly and socially responsible. A moissanite stone is the best alternative to the diamond as there is a small difference between them. This colourless has more brilliance and fire than diamond. Moissanites have less weight when compared to diamond gems. Gemone diamond created moissanites are very unique and give you the best brilliance and fire than other gems.

Ring’s stone shape

In engagement rings market, there are different stone shapes and cuts. Here is a guide for this stone cuts and shapes to direct you when choosing an engagement ring. They include:

  1. Round cut engagement rings
  2. Emerald cut engagement ring
  3. Princess cut
  4. Marquise cut engagement ring
  5. Oval cut, radiant cut and many more.

The type of band for the engagement ring/ what metal for the engagement ring.

According to some opinions, research says that any metal can be used to make the engagement ring. Most artisans would prefer gold, copper, platinum or silver as an alternative. Engagement rings just a special as they are meant to be are made from precious stones or metals. The popular types of metals used are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Finding partners ring size

For the right and closest fit, you have to know the right measurements of her finger before shopping for the engagement ring. Some of the hacks to use to determine the ring size are:

  1. Look or survey her jewellery box for any clue on what type of jewellery she wears on her ring finger. You can use a ring sizer to measure the size of the found ring before buying a new one.
  2. Taking one of her rings with you to a jewellery store for the jeweller to help you with the expert advice on the right size.
  3. Asking for her friends or family advice will also help on determining the right size for the engagement ring.
  4. Let her accompany you to the jeweller. She will try on different available rings before settling on the right size.

You can even do it from the comfort of your own home- read more here.

Where to shop for the Engagement Ring

There are thousands of best shops to buy engagement rings in the world. Buying an engagement can either be online or a physical visit to the jewellery store. You can buy from famous retailers or from big brand retailers in different places all over the world.

Finding and introducing the Engagement Ring to your partner.

Finding the right engagement ring is easy. Many jewellery stores offer engagement rings for sale, it just a matter of buying. As a prospective groom, you may have set a date and time to surprise your partner. Choosing the perfect place and time to propose to the love of your life can be overwhelming. On the big day, you need to put the engagement ring in a place that will surprise her. It can be on her birthday cake, her bed or her favourite glass of wine. All the best in your proposal.

Buying an Engagement Ring 101

Quality of an Engagement Ring

When buying an engagement ring, good quality is what you look for. For a good quality engagement rings, it must meet certain standards of your own. The standards can include the 4Cs, do the diamond engagement ring adhere to the color, carat weight, clarity and cut. Another thing is the type of metal used to make the ring band, is it gold, platinum or silver. Most crucial quality standard is the shape or cut of the diamond. After ticking all these on your checklist, you are free to make a purchase of that engagement ring.

Gemstone alternatives

Gemstone have multiple types categories. Most popular gemstone are moissanite, sapphire, emerald, morganite and of course the diamond gemstones. All these gemstone give a sparkly feeling of what to expect when shopping for an engagement ring. Moissanite being hardest of all alternatives and resembles diamonds in every other way is definitely best choice out of all. Other stone will loose its shine and brilliance, but moissanite don’t.

Trending Engagement Rings

Some of the trending engagement rings in 2020 are the yellow gold engagement rings, we have seen celebrities adorn their fingers with this rings. Notably, Carrie Bradshaw who recently bought an engagement ring at an exorbitant price. Other latest engagement rings include the emerald black diamond engagement rings, the three-stone style engagement rings etc.

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