White Versus Fancy Coloured Diamonds

As the world has progressed, innovation has captured every segment of the market. The diamond industry also came under the radar of this innovation.

While previously there used to be only one type of diamond i.e. crystal clear diamond. Now, there is another different kind of diamond that has taken the market to the boom. This diamond has got the immense demand in the consumer market and this form of the diamond is known as the coloured diamond. This coloured diamond does not refer to the diamonds in solid colours. Rather it focuses on providing the diamonds in the shaded colours and not in the solid colours. These shaded diamonds are also based on the structure of colourless material however, these diamonds only have a shade upon them. This seemingly little thing adds up the enhanced beautification of these diamonds and hence, making these diamonds more sort after than regular diamonds.

White diamond:

White diamond refers to the regular form of the diamonds i.e. crystal clear diamonds. These are the diamonds that do not have any colour. These are the diamonds that are in their pure form and are only refined to a particular shape. At the time of purchase, the white diamonds or the colourless diamonds are of a very high value. The reason being is that they are in their pure form. However, by the passage of time, the white diamonds start to get a shade of yellow. This paleness puts a heavy impact on the valuation of the stone. The diamond colourless has a grading to identify its colourlessness scheme. These grades star from the letter D. The diamond that is of the category D means that this diamond is completely colourless. As you move below the grading line i.e. till Z, the structure of diamonds starts to get a blur factor in them. This means, that the diamond falling below the D grade is not in crystal clear form. However, a diamond that is pure in its form is structurally crystal clear is of the highest value among the forms of the diamonds than those diamonds that get a colour hint on them.

Coloured diamond:

As mentioned earlier, coloured diamonds does not refer to having the diamond of solid colours. Having a diamond of solid colour will simply erase the concept of having a diamond. Coloured diamonds come up with a shade of different colours or hues. These colours are mostly yellow and brown. These are the most common forms of coloured diamonds. Whereas the premium category of coloured diamonds involves the concept of having a slightly violet-shaded diamond and those diamonds that are coloured in pink, purple, violet, green, blue, and red are the most expensive of the coloured diamonds. The purpose of coloured diamonds is to fulfil the need for having a fancy, decorative, and customized diamond as your favourite colour. Furthermore, a coloured diamond also presents a person’s identity in a way that the person does not like to have things in the same old rule of thumb manner. Usually, the coloured diamonds are the ones that fall outside the grading scheme of the diamonds. This means these diamonds do not get the rating of D-Z. They are labelled outside these grading.

Which diamond is cheaper?

The question arises that we are now aware of both the forms of the diamonds, their colour scheme, and their structure as well. However, which diamond would be cheaper? Of course, the diamond that has got a brown or yellow shade on them are the cheap, inexpensive diamonds. However, the problem lies with such diamonds is that these diamonds do not present themselves as pure diamonds. These diamonds look more to be fake or a copy of a diamond. Therefore, these types of diamonds are cheap. Whereas the diamonds that are in their pure form (D grade) are the most expensive form of the diamonds. The reason being these diamonds well define the meaning and definition of a diamond. Therefore, these diamonds cost way too much than any other diamond.

Should I buy a coloured diamond?

The short answer to this is, Yes, you should buy a coloured diamond as well. There is no harm in buying a coloured diamond. If it is serving the purpose that you bought it, for these diamonds are also the best buy. Relatively, the coloured diamonds are less in price in contrast with that of any graded diamonds. The reason being graded diamonds are the pure form of diamonds (colourless) whereas the coloured diamonds as evident from the name have a shade of some colour on them. the prices of coloured diamonds also vary concerning the colours that they have. For example, a yellow or a brown shaded coloured diamond is the least expensive of the diamonds. The diamonds that are of a green, blue, pink, violet, or purple colour are expensive than yellow or brown diamond. While the red diamond is regarded as the most expensive diamond in the coloured diamond form.

Which diamond is rare?

All the diamonds are rare. May they be colourless or coloured. However, colourless diamonds are relatively easy to find in the market. the reason being, they come by to the perfect definition of the diamond. These diamonds require only basic knowledge of diamond extraction and refining. However, coloured diamonds are the aftermarket form of colourless diamonds. Coloured diamonds are hard to find. The reason being, not everyone has mastered the skill of colouring a diamond. Not everyone is aware of the technicalities involved with the colouring of a diamond. Moreover, in the coloured form of a diamond and the colourless form of a diamond, the rarest type of diamond is the red diamond. This diamond is proven to be one of the rarest diamonds. The reason being is both the price and the colour of this diamond. This diamond is only preferred by the high-income group of the society and is relatively expensive as well, and therefore it is not only rare, but it’s also the best buy.


Written by Ashish Sukhadiya  
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