Don’t be a slave to ‘Menstrual Misery’

If you suffer from heavy painful periods you should read this..

Do you..

  • Feel tired all the time?
  • Suffer from Anemia?
  • Have days off work or have no energy to go to the gym?
  • Have no sex drive?
  • Feel like your periods are taking over your life and feel like there is no solution?


  • No woman should suffer heavy periods – they are not normal!
    Perception: “they are normal and I should put up with them”
  • Myth: an iron infusion will solve the problem
    So what should you do? Get help to find out why this is happening to you.

And don’t be afraid of the word ‘hysterectomy’ .. here’s why..

Seek Help Now:

If you experience what is known as ‘menstrual misery’ or heavy painful periods you should be seeking help now.

Available Treatments:

  • Oral contraceptive pill:
    If appropriate, and especially in the younger age group, taken continuously it can result in the majority of women having no periods at all.
  • Mirena:
    This intrauterine device is inserted into the womb and results in a significant reduction in blood loss in the majority and complete loss of periods in a significant number of women for up to five years before the Mirena has to be replaced.

Seek a Referral: If your heavy painful periods persist despite all best efforts, a referral to a specialist is required.

Surgical Options:

If these conservative treatments don’t work, you should encourage your GP to refer you to a gynecologist who will take a detailed history, perform a clinical exam to rule out any sinister cause for heavy bleeding before offering surgical options, usually in the form of an endometrial ablation or recommending a laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Modern Hysterectomy:

A modern-day total laparoscopic hysterectomy is a minimally invasive procedure involving three, 5mm incisions in the abdomen which heal very quickly, with most women walking within hours of surgery and driving after a week.

The Difference:

A major misconception is that most women assume the ovaries are taken out at the time of surgery, putting them into the “dreaded menopause”. This is not the case, as most hysterectomies only involve the removal of the uterus and cervix. In most cases, the ovaries remain, so women don’t go into ‘premature menopause’. Menopause usually happens several years later when nature takes its course.

The Benefits:

  • Stay for Recovery:
    While you can usually go home the same day, at Gold Coast Private Hospital you can stay for a day or two, so you can get a well-deserved rest or some “me time” with excellent food before returning home.
  • The Result:
    The result of this type of hysterectomy is no more Pap smears; eliminated risk of cervical and endometrial cancer; and reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer.
  • The Advantages:
    For those who have been long-time sufferers of menstrual misery, the advantages of hysterectomy are so much more – iron stores return to normal, energy is increased, debilitating period pain disappears, no more days off work or missed gym sessions.

Be Aware:

As is the case with any medical condition, surgery should always be the last resort. But, if you have finished having children and have had no success with non-surgical methods, don’t be afraid of hysterectomy. For eligible patients, and when done by a skilled surgeon, it can completely change your life for the better.


The aim of this clinic is to sensitively and effectively investigate, diagnose and treat these problems quickly, in order to restore quality of life.

Specializing in compassionate care for women’s health issues, Dr. Graeme Walker  and the dedicated team at the Menstrual Misery Clinic offer personalized solutions to alleviate your discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Don’t let heavy bleeding and agonizing cramps hold you back any longer. Our clinic provides:

✅ Comprehensive evaluations to diagnose underlying causes

✅ Customized treatment plans tailored to your needs

✅ Advanced therapies to manage heavy periods and alleviate pain

✅ Supportive guidance and education to empower you in managing your menstrual health


With Dr. Graeme Walker  by your side, you can regain control over your menstrual cycle and rediscover the joy of everyday life.

For more information contact:

Dr Graeme Walker

Menstrual Misery Centre pastedGraphic.png
The Cervical Centre
Gold Coast Private Hospital
Suite 5, Ground Floor
14 Hill Street, Southport QLD
P: 07 5530 0490  or


If you have any questions, please contact our team at 

[email protected]

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