Nikkia Joy’s Top 10 Makeup Tips for 2021

Nikkia Joy, YouTube sensation, professional makeup artist and Founder of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, recently launches her colour pigments and makeup brushes

With years of experience in Nikkia’s toolkit and a huge social following, we sat down with Nikkia to talk about her top 10 makeup tips for 2021:

1. What most people don’t know is that you need to let your skincare sit on the skin for at least 10-15 minutes before applying your makeup. Wait for your skincare to properly absorb and your makeup will apply smoother and last longer during the day.

2. Do you struggle to blend eyeshadow looks? Our new ChromaShift pigments are exactly what you need! With just a swipe of one product these pigments create the illusion of multiple eyeshadow colours blended on the lid.

3. This might sound strange but if you apply eye primer to your nose before applying your foundation, it will help your foundation last longer during the day.

4. Most people will use a setting powder over top of their foundation but if you use a translucent powder such as the Velvet Finishing Powder, you will notice that your makeup will last longer, keep you shine free and will give an all over airbrushed look.

5. If you have a foundation that is full coverage but you are wanting a more natural look, try mixing it with some of your favourite moisturiser. This will change the foundation to a more sheer look.

6. If you find false eyelashes an absolute nightmare, try this easy tip, cut the eyelash into 2 or three pieces. This will make the eyelash more manageable and easier to apply, place each piece individually starting from the outer corner.

7. When trying to cover a blemish, apply a darker shade concealer than your foundation, this darker shade counteracts the redness of the blemish and will hide it much better than a lighter concealer would.

8. For longer lasting lipstick, try using a lip liner under your lipstick, trace your lips with a shade closest to your lipstick and then fill in the rest of the lips. Now put your lipstick over top using a lip brush like this one from Nikkia Joy Cosmetics and you will notice how much longer your lipstick will stay in place!

9. If you thought lipstick was just for your lips, you are mistaken! When in a rush lipstick can be used in place of many different makeup products. Apply some lipstick to a fluffy eyeshadow brush like the Cream Blend Brush and dab onto your eyelid for a quick and easy eye look! You can also dab the lipstick onto your cheeks and blend out with your fingers to brighten up your cheeks.

10. For a perfect winged eyeliner that always works, take a piece of sticky tape and press onto the back of your hand a couple of times to take away some of the tackiness. Imagine a straight line between the outer corner of the eye and the tip of your brow, apply the tape along this line. Now apply your eyeliner and simply remove the tape and you are left with a perfectly clean winged eyeliner.

In an Australian first, the new Nikkia Joy Cosmetics ChromaShift pigments are the main attraction in this new line of beauty products. The uniqueness with this formula is the way the pigment changes to multiple colours under different lights, creating a rainbow effect on the face or body with only one swipe. Nikkia Joy, YouTube sensation, professional makeup artist and Founder of Nikkia Joy Cosmetics, has been hard at work with the recent launch of her colour pigments and makeup brushes

Nikkia Joy Cosmetics 22 piece makeup brush line has also been released alongside the pigment collection. This brush range has been 3 years in the making – Nikkia Joy doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to attention to detail. From the weighted, perfectly sized wooden handle, which gives the user more stability when applying products, to the individually laid hairs on each one of the handcrafted brushes and the ethically sourced natural fibres that have been chosen specifically for each brush shape.



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