From Side Hustle to Online Selling Success

Megan Tait, founder of Goldstarsourced on eBay, shares her story of finding her feet in the world of pre-loved fashion reselling, from her favourite personal finds to what pieces make the cut for her online store.  

When did you first get into flipping pre-loved clothing, and what inspired you to make this move?  

I’ve always had a love for pre-loved fashion. Like most people, I started by selling things on eBay that I no longer wore or suited my style. Occasionally, I would come across a beautiful piece in a second-hand store that I just had to have, even if I knew I wouldn’t wear it. My wardrobe grew with these unique pieces that were just being admired yet unworn, so I started finding new homes for them online. 

What was life like before you started, and what was your main motivation for this side hustle?

I previously worked in a role where I felt stagnant and bored. Reselling started as something to do in my spare time but it eventually grew to a point where I could leave my old role and work independently which has been excellent. 

How did you get started, and where did you source your finds? 

I sold my pre-loved clothing on eBay for many years before looking for other sourcing opportunities. It started with things lying around my house and then friends would ask me to sell stuff for them. It moved to selling on consignment, sourcing from second-hand stores, and now I have moved into purchasing designer wardrobe clearouts from private sellers.  

I lean into selling higher-end women’s clothing. Australian designer brands like Aje, Scanlan Theodore and Zimmermann are my favourite because they’re of excellent quality and are in demand. Buying pre-loved pieces makes these labels accessible and affordable while giving the clothing a second chance at life. 

What are your tips and tricks for others looking to get started?  

Start by clearing out pieces from your wardrobe first to get a feel of what works best for you. I find luxury items will sell well on eBay. Designer items made from high-quality materials are a natural fit for reselling as the hardware is built to last.  

How has this changed your life financially and otherwise? I have a lot more flexibility with time and the hours I work. Being my own boss is incredibly satisfying and I wouldn’t change it for anything now. I’m surprised and pleased that so many other people are turning their side hustles into full-time gigs now! 

What are some of your favourite fashion finds and flips?  

My absolute favourite sales are when I sell something I’ve purchased, either for retail price or pre-loved on eBay itself, for virtually the same as what I paid for it. For example, I purchased a beautiful Aje dress for a wedding not long ago. I wore it twice and then resold it for close to the retail price. The girl who purchased it from me was thrilled as she had been trying to hunt it down for months after it sold out in the store. Circular fashion at its best! 

Are there any pieces you just couldn’t let go of?  

There are two pieces I couldn’t let go of. The first is an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur bag I found about 20 years ago for $5 at a flea market overseas. The second is a pair of RM Williams Millicent boots I have worn to death and cannot part with. 

Do you think more Aussies will get into this space to adjust to higher costs of living?

As cost of living pressures continue and pre-loved fashion moves more into the mainstream, more shoppers will embrace it as they can find great pieces without compromising style. The hunt for unique finds and great prices is all part of the fun. 

What are your standards for choosing something to be featured on your online store?

I’ve always loved fashion and I appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating quality pieces. I feel there is also a huge movement at the moment towards more sustainable fashion and creating timeless pieces that can be worn for any occasion.  

I have a quality-over-quantity approach when sourcing items. My store certainly embraces quality pieces that are versatile and timeless. 


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