How To Find A Reliable Life Coach

How do you tell a good life coach from a bad one and which one is best for you?

If you look around social media, a lot of people advertise themselves as life coaches. Keep reading to learn more about life coaching and how to find the right person for you.

First, make certain a life coach is what you want. Coaching can be confused with therapy or mentorship, but it is different from those. Life coaching focuses mainly on the future and is a positively focused way to explore future opportunities. Life coaching also helps people to arrive at their own solutions.

Therapy is more focused on the past and on trauma and looking for healing. Mentorship is about engaging with someone who has been in your shoes in the past. You want them to give you advice about a career, degree, etc. It is common to confuse life coaching with mentorship, so understanding the difference here is critical.

Second, find out if the life coach is trained and certified. Life coaching is based on scientific research and properly trained coaches use evidence-based coaching techniques in their job. To learn about these things, life coaches must go through a serious training program. But there is little regulation of the life coach industry. Anyone can say they are a life coach.

One thing to look for is if the coach has been accredited by the International Coach Federation. The ICF accredits many coach training programs and ensures they meet high standards. When you meet with a life coach, see which training program they did and if it is accredited by the ICF.

Third, ask them about their life coaching style. Every life coach has a different style based on training and personality. Some coaches have organized coaching sessions that are structured while others are more open and not as organized. Some coaches are supportive and warm, and others may be more direct and challenging. Ask the coach what their style is and think about if that style is what you think you need.

Fourth, inquire about the tools and methodologies they use. You want to be sure your coach uses modern coaching techniques to ensure you are paying for services that will help you. Also, ensure that their coaching approach works for you and fits what you want.

Fifth, figure out what they charge. Coaches can charge from $50 to $500 per hour based on their skill and experience level.

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