Get your curl on

This month, we show you curly haired ladies how to never have another bad hair day again

Do you try and hide your natural curls using heat or styling products? Or, do you suffer from uncontrollable frizz that runs your life? Then the Curly Girl Method is perfect for you; devised by Lorraine Massey, and helping women all over Australia (and the world!) embrace their natural curls. Thousands of women are becoming a part of the Curly Girl community, sharing their individual stories and results through social media, with the Curly Girl’s Australia Facebook page holding more than 40 thousand members. The Curly Girl Method helps rid the ingredients harmful to curly hair that cause the frizz and dryness. It will have you saying bye-bye to things like shampoo, hair brushes and heat styling tools, and hello to new techniques and practices like finger combing, squishing, plopping and scrunching!

“But surely these natural products cost an arm and a leg?” I hear you ask. Well, there’s no need to worry, low price alternatives to the Curly Girl approved products can be found in places like Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. The Goat and MooGoo products shown here are all Curly Girl approved products, and are an ideal start to your Curly Girl journey.

Remember, it can take months for any results to show, but Curly Girl members say the time and effort is worth the beautiful results. August is the month to start embracing your natural curls girls!

Ready to embrace your curls? Join the Facebook group: You’ll be directed from there and learn about the method, products, techniques and more!

Our top Curly Girl picks!

Goat Moisturizing Conditioner

No more bad hair days with our gentle range of conditioners enriched with natural ingredients and milk proteins to nourish and protect hair. Great for tangle free long hair and accentuating luscious curls, a little bit goes a long way and we’re proud to be Curly Girl approved! Our whole range is available in original, manuka honey, lemon myrtle, argan, coconut & oatmeal so there’s a conditioner to suit everyone. Available nationally at Chemist Warehouse stores.

MooGoo Cream Conditioner

You won’t find any ingredients ending in “Cone” here. Our conditioner uses
natural oils such as Olive and Jojoba, along with Behentrimonium Methosulfate to condition the hair. We have also added Milk Protein to protect the hair fibres and revitalize the hairs natural protective layer.

MooGoo Protein Shot

This leave in conditioner is the perfect styling tool for Curly Girls. Can be used on wet or dry hair as a detangler or to style. Using natural oils such as Olive and Jojoba along with Behentrmonium Methosulfate to condition the hair. We have also added Milk Protein to protect the hair fibres and revitalize the hairs natural protective layer.

MooGoo Scalp Cream

Containing a fatty-acid profile to gently soothe, protect and help heal red, dry and irritated skin around the scalp and hairline.

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