Health Business Guru Wins

The team at Gr8 Health is celebrating a significant achievement after founder Sam Godfrey was named the nation’s leading light in health retailing. Sam, who established Gr8 Health, was recognised as the natural and healthy living industry’s Retail Leader at the Naturally Good Awards held in Sydney.

Sponsored by Retail World, the award acknowledges a leader who has made a substantial contribution to the retail landscape by discovering innovative new products and championing the organic, health, and natural sector. Sam expressed his delight at being recognised for his contributions and the efforts of the entire Gr8 Health team.

“Our focus is on building ways to better help people find products that make them healthier and happier, but to win a prestigious national award is an honour and shows we are making a difference,” he said. “Gr8 Health provides an extensive range of quality, natural, and organic health and beauty products through its online store. All of the products we offer promote healthful and sustainable living for the individual, community, and environment. We also place a special effort on supporting products that are locally manufactured.”

Sam reflected on the growth of the business since its launch in 2018, stating that he never dreamed it would become so successful. “The purpose of Gr8 Health is to help individuals achieve optimum personal health and wellness by providing the information, products, and advice they need to take charge of their own health,” he said. “Our key target market is women aged between 25-45, although we are now diversifying into the men’s health market. Young women are tech-savvy and health-conscious, so we offer them more than 6,000 products to suit their individual needs and wants.”

With a mission to promote sustainable and healthy living, Gr8 Health continues to expand its reach, offering an array of products that cater to diverse health and wellness needs. The recognition at the Naturally Good Awards underscores the positive impact Gr8 Health has made in the industry and its commitment to excellence.

Sam’s leadership and vision have not only propelled Gr8 Health to success but also inspired many in the industry to prioritise natural and organic products. As the company grows, it remains dedicated to supporting local manufacturers and providing top-quality health solutions to its customers.

Gr8 Health’s journey from a startup to a nationally acclaimed health retailer is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of Sam and his team. The award is a milestone that marks their achievements and sets the stage for even greater accomplishments in the future.

Gr8 Health Ambassador, Saffron Tambyrajah – Taekwondo Olympic Qualifier for 2024

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