Things to bring to your next festival

With festivals slowly making a comeback, it’s time to get excited and organised! Not only do you want to bring yourself and your friends to the festival, but you need some essential items to keep you on point during the event. It’s resourceful to have a small bag of items with you for an all-weekend affair. Here’s what we suggest…


Portable Charger

When you’re dancing and jumping all day in your rave clothes, you may forget to charge your phone. A portable charger is essential because you might want to record videos and post pictures on your social media profile. However, your battery drains quickly getting footage.

Also, there may not be enough outlets or charging stations available because of all the people at the venue. With a portable charger, you can conveniently put it in your pocket or bag and charge it throughout the day. It’s a practical solution to keep you connected to your friends and family while you’re out and about.


Hydration Pack

Throughout the event, you need to hydrate. Bring cold water with you, Gatorade, and even some Vitamin C. If they allow snacks in the venue, it’s not a bad idea to bring a banana as well. It’ll keep your potassium levels high and make you feel more replenish throughout the day.

You never know if they run out of water or you can’t get to a water fountain. You want to have it placed in your bag so that you can quickly pull it out and hydrate as needed. Also, it’s good to have extra just in case your friends may forget to pack something.

It’s better to be safe so that everyone enjoys the event.


Hand Sanitizer and Sanitation Wipes

These are two imperative items. You never know if you have to use a public toilet, so you should always keep sanitation wipes before you use them. Also, you may run into a situation where you have to use a porta-potty or a bathroom, which runs out of soap.


When you have hand sanitizer, you can clean your hands before and after using the indoor or outdoor facilities. Also, you never know if your bag may fall in the mud or any other accidents during the festival. It’s good to have sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer to keep you clean.

When you have a few items to keep you hydrated, clean, and connected, it’ll make the experience and memories a whole lot more enjoyable.

See you on the dance floor!

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