Manly Spirits Co. Unveils Limited Edition Gin range ‘Rockpools of Sydney’ in Celebration of its Coastal Roots.

June 2024: Manly Spirits Co., the artisan distillery known for premium, hand-crafted Australian whiskies, gins, liqueurs, and botanical vodkas, has launched the first two gins in the four-part series ‘Rockpools of Sydney’, inspired by Australia’s coastal living and landmark rockpools. 

The delicious, limited edition ‘Fairy Bower Gin’ ($90 per 700ml bottle) is a citrus and lime forward spirit, made from a unique blend of sustainably grown Australian native botanicals and fruits including rainforest lime, finger lime, Ribery, and whole lemons and limes. 

Unlike any other gin from Manly Spirits Co. so far, the ‘Fairy Bower Gin’ is the creation of a totally different production process that involves steeping whole, fresh lemons and limes (not just their peels) in the still for 24 hours to maximize flavour extraction. The entire fruits are then distilled with the rest of the botanicals to capture their essence fully. This method not only ensures a bright and fresh flavour, but also minimizes waste, aligning with the distillery’s commitment to sustainability. 

The second offering from ‘Rockpools of Sydney’ is ‘Bronte Baths’ ($90 per 700ml bottle), a cool-as-a-cucumber French 75-inspired gin made from blood lime, cucumber, juniper, coriander seed, lemon myrtle, coriander leaf, and Sea Parsley botanicals. 

Upon the first sip of the ‘Bronte Baths’ gin, the juniper takes centre stage, unfolding its classic piney flavour with a nuanced complexity. Crisp and invigorating, the lemon myrtle introduces a bright, lemony zest, complemented by the subtle warmth of coriander leaf. The sea parsley adds a unique maritime character, enhancing the gin’s depth and providing a distinct earthy undertone.

Vanessa Wilton, Co-founder and Creative Director of Manly Spirits Co., shared her enthusiasm for the project: “One of the greatest joys of owning a distillery is the opportunity to create limited-release gins that embody the authentic DNA of smallbatch, artisan production. I drew inspiration from what brings me true happiness— the beauty of our aquatic environment. Whether I’m in the sea or sitting by its edge, it always makes my soul smile.” 

Wilton continued, “Sydney’s ocean pools are unparalleled in their uniqueness and beauty, and I wanted to celebrate these leisure spots with unique gins designed to pair perfectly with their signature cocktails. The challenge was selecting just four rockpools to highlight, each remarkable in its own style and location. 

Fairy Bower Gin from the ‘Rockpool of Sydney’ series is inspired by the Fairy Bower Pool, found at Manly’s Cabbage Tree Bay, while Bronte Baths is a nod to the popular Bronte Baths, located at the southern end of Bronte Beach. 

In keeping with Manly Spirits Co.’s passion for working with local artists, the team has collaborated with local Australian artist Amber Oswald to create a unique label that brings the essence and ‘vibe’ of living and playing on the beaches to life – a concept that deeply resonates with the values of the Manly-based company. 

“We set our sights on creating a gin that pushes the boundaries of deliciousness and partnering with local artist Amber Oswald to create a bespoke label celebrating the quintessential Aussie beach lifestyle, made perfect sense.” Said Ms Wilton. 

Making a gin perfect for Autumn cocktails required extensive flavour development and recipe trialling. The Manly Spirits Distillery Gin School with its 15 miniature stills came in handy as the laboratory. 

The hardest part of making gin is perfecting the recipe,” explains Head Distiller Riley. Drawing from his background in winemaking and expertise with Sauvignon Blanc (yes he is a New Zealander!!) and fruit, Riley embarked on an experimental journey to create an exceptional gin that prioritises getting the most flavours out of your fruit over traditional gin distilling methods. 

Riley initially experimented with grapefruits and mandarins before ultimately deciding after eight trial batches to use whole limes and lemons, aiming to achieve a distinctive bright citrus forward flavour profile unlike any other gin produced by Manly Spirits Co. 

“The result is a gin that is vibrant and fresh, with no earthy tones, and minimal waste, which always makes us happy,” adds Riley. This innovative gin is a testament to Manly Spirits Co.’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional gin making, offering a unique and refreshing experience for gin enthusiasts.

To complete the ‘Rockpools of Sydney’ series, the limited-edition Maccallum Rock Pool Gin (work-life balanced Martini-inspired gin), and the North Cronulla Rock Pool Gin (spice up your life with this Negroni-inspired creation) will be released in the coming months. The Fairy Bower Gin ($90 per 700ml bottle) can be purchased online via 

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