Keeping children safe this Summer

Water safety, it’s a big issue for parents! 

Summer is here and keeping kids safe as they enjoy the water is vital. We live in the Sunshine State and one of the best ways to seek relief from the heat is to have a swim. However, for parents, it can be an unnerving time with tragic drownings reported each year. 

Imagine a summer with zero fatal and non-fatal drownings. This could be possible with all children learning water safety skills. The most vulnerable are kids under 5 when it comes to the water, but they can learn lifesaving skills before commencing school! 

So, how do parents know they have done everything possible to ensure their children are protected this summer? 

It starts with dedication. Parents who place value on and prioritise the importance of making their child water aware with strong swimming skills give their child the best chance. 

 Here are some more summer water safety tips to remember: 

  • Always supervise children around any body of water including baths 
  • Do not hand responsibility to siblings/friends or neighbours when a child has access to a pool or body of water 
  • Test pool fencing and gates to make sure they are compliant 
  • NEVER prop pool gates open 
  • Make sure all parents and carers hold a current CPR 
  • Place emphasis on your child holding independent, strong swimming and water safety skills even if you are ‘not into’ swimming yourself 
  • Consistency and repetition of children’s swimming lessons are key as swimming is a totally learnt skill don’t rely on a few lessons when they get to school! 
  • Talk to your swim teacher on what goals you have with your child’s swimming skills your teacher should be able to tell you how to maximise and fast-track swimming skills! 









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