Suit up babe

Red Suit Jacket, $68,

Hello fashionistas!

What’s trending this month? The power suit!

I don’t know about you, but I love a man in a suit! That sexy, polished, I-mean-business look – I literally melt! Are you with me ladies?!

But it’s not a look reserved for the boys. It’s time to suit up girls!

CINQ À SEPT Silk satin-trimmed crepe blazer, $290,

The suit is a statement that creates a look of power, masculinity and screams, “take me seriously – very seriously!”

Pinstripe and double-breasted styles are popular for women and slouchy is also a classic choice. A wide leg will create a more relaxed power move and you can pare this down with a flat shoe, or elevate with a sky-high heel.

Raven Black Leather Open Toe Block Heel, $190,
River Island Wide Fit backless loafers with ring detail in red, $70,







Embrace the simplicity of a cigarette pant for ‘legs forever’, with a tuxedo style fitted jacket.

Petite Black Detail Wide Leg Pants, $23.20,

Add a classic white shirt underneath for powerful meetings, or a sexy bit of nothing for the perfect date night.

Dramatic Slogan T-Shirt, $8.40,

I know a lot of women purchase suiting and wear it only one-way: to work. But mix it up girls; the jacket will fly perfectly into the weekend with jeans and a simple t-shirt or even a long-line playful skirt – the list is endless!

OLGA BERG EMILIA Patent Facet Pod, $49,
Gigi Black Sunglasses, $27.97,







So with this change of season, it’s time to suit up babe! Express yourself and look for new and interesting options to power on this month.

Stay stylish,

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