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It’s the event that hit the Gold Coast with style and grace, and we caught-up with Miss World Australia 2019 Sarah Marschke, to talk about her incredible career and where the crown will take her

Get it’s journey with Miss World Australia began by partnering along side the fabulous team at SkinO2, and we have all been anxiously awaiting the announcement that came from Palazzo Versace Hotel, on July 19. Sarah Marschke, the 20-year-old Bundaberg- born beauty, was crowned Miss World Australia 2019. From fierce competition and worthy contestants, including every state final to each fabulous entrant, the prestigious crown was handed down by Gold Coaster and Miss World Australia 2018, Taylah Cannon.

We met Sarah in the early hours on the morning after she won the title of Miss World Australia 2019. Running on about three-hours sleep, Sarah’s sunny disposition still shone through as she chatted with us and stunned the cameras.

Recalling the whirlwind of events, Sarah said, “I remember thinking to myself just before the announcement was made, ‘Sarah, for you to be on this stage in front of all these people, it is amazing. No matter what happens tonight, be proud and continue to keep your head high.’ Then the announcement was made, and I honestly have never cried so much. To see my parents in the background yelling out how proud they are, was the most heartfelt feeling I have ever experienced. I’m getting teary thinking about it!”

The competition doesn’t stop there for Sarah though, and soon she will be off for the next part of the Miss World adventure. Sarah explained, “I will head off to London in December to compete in the international competition for the title of MissWorld, which I’m incredibly excited about.”

I remember thinking to myself just before the announcement was made, ‘Sarah, for you to be on this stage in front of all these people, it is amazing. No matter what happens tonight, be proud and continue to keep your head high.’

The experience Miss World will give Sarah will add to the fascinating array of roles she has undertaken in her career; such as a support worker, sports radio presenter for Triple H, and model. Sarah said of her working life so far, “All my roles have their own challenges, but I feel that has really shaped me into the person I am today, and as weird as it sounds, they are all quite similar in some ways. All roles require discipline, patience and the ability to work with other people. With support work I find it quite easy to incorporate sport into my position as everyone loves to get out and about! Also, with my radio position, I definitely would not be doing that if I knew nothing about sport. As for modelling it has really helped me out with self-confidence, and now I have the ability to help other females struggling with these issues. I am thankful for all my roles.”

Currently, Sarah has partnered with her brother, Jacob Marschke, on a project that will spread her work and mission worldwide. Sarah elaborated, saying, “Our sister-brother project helps support and educate the communities in and around South Africa. We go around to local villages and schools and plant organic vegetable/fruit gardens. As many of you know, resources are very limited over there, so we are doing our very best to change that. The gardens offer so many opportunities for the communities, for example, nutritional fruit and vegetables to cure starvation. It offers mothers a weekly wage and free food for their family just for helping with the garden, and we also educate them on how to make natural remedies to prevent diseases. It brings the community together as a family. This project is not government funded, so at the moment my brother and I are working extremely hard to fund this project ourselves.”

As a representative softballer, touch player, and netballer, Sarah’s talents and passions also carry on to the sporting fields. When asked if she has always been keen on sports, the answer was enthusiastic; “Yes! From the very beginning. At just the age of 8, I was playing 7 different sports and training 7 days a week. I loved every minute of it and my parents were extremely supportive throughout my sporting journey. Sport has really shaped me into the person I am today.”

Playing for the Bombers and hoping to be drafted in 2020 to represent both QLD and NSW at nationals, Sarah continues to work hard on and off the field. Though we had to ask: what keeps Sarah in top form and driven to achieve her goals? “AFL is the one sport I never get tired of and I always find myself wanting to improve. I’m always doing extras outside of training, working on technique and my fitness. The drive I get to achieve this goal comes naturally for me. If it’s something I really want to succeed in, then I won’t stop until I get it,” she said.

At just the age of 8, I was playing 7 different sports and training 7 days a week.

Another exciting venture Sarah hopes to undertake this year (and another talent to add to the list), is releasing
an original song. Of the creative process Sarah said, “I’m surrounded by so much love and support, I find that inspiration to write is just constantly hitting me. I’m often writing about personal experiences, that’s why I am extremely closed with my music, because when I’m writing, I am at my most vulnerable state and find that difficult to accept. But since winning Miss World Australia, it has given me a boost of confidence and I’m ready to share my love for music.”

Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams

Regarding how holding the title of Miss World Australia will impact her future endeavours, and how she hopes to give back in light of this honour, Sarah is determined to make every moment count. “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent Australia. The benefit Miss World has given me is a voice and a wonderful platform. My main focus will be to continue to empower women in sport and to be a role model for our younger generation,” she said.

So, Get it girls, what’s Sarah’s advice for younger women? “Be you. Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams. You are going to receive some negative comments throughout your journey in life, but continue to strive for your goals.” This is certainly a message that we need to pass on and one to remember ourselves; we should always carry our head high.

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