What’s In A Tool? We Get The 101 on Thermal Styling Tools

The queen of homegrown thermal styling innovation and technology, Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta’s passion for healthy, shiny hair, coupled with decades of experience, culminated in the evolution of EVY PROFESSIONAL…and a love affair with promoting healthy hair whilst heat styling.

A former hair stylist and salon owner, Tracey created EVY PROFESSIONAL based on years of using hair styling tools and not being completely satisfied with them. Tracey knew there was more to thermal styling than meets the eye and shares her expertise with us!

According to Tracey the number one place to start is purchasing your thermal styling tools from a professional salon or dedicated brand website.

“Because everyone’s hair type and condition is different, it’s imperative that you purchase any thermal tools and accessories from a professional salon – you’ll receive a personal recommendation from the stylist based on your needs and requirements.”

It’s common knowledge amongst the beauty savvy that using heat protection sprays, creams or serums before heat styling will limit damage to your hair, however there’s more elements to consider.

Says Tracey, “Always choose a tool – whether irons, styling tools, curling tongs etc – that has a temperature control. As mentioned, because different hair types have different needs, temperature control is VITAL so you can adjust to your own hair type. Also, do always use a heat protector prior to styling and an oil/serum afterwards to lock in moisture. For lasting curls, layer with a thermal styling spray for extra hold.”

One of the stand-out features of the EVY PROFESSIONAL range is it’s unique Mineral Infused Technology which delivers and locks in hydration and moisture, a feature that Tracey recommends as being extremely important.

“Consider the coating when selecting a tool, and in particular look at mineral-infusion. This means the benefits of minerals such as ceramic and/or tourmaline never wears off, ensuring better protection and hydration for the hair. You want as many minerals as possible to have the best protection and hydration. The EVY range has a 32+ mineral infusion and if you think of sunscreen with high SPF as an analogy; Mineral infusion is the best, as compared to coated tools, which will wear off eventually.”

When addressing hair types, there are different tools that are well-suited to different types & condition.

“If you have natural, strong hair you will generally be OK using any tool. Most of us need more TLC as we have coloured or more treated hair – look after it so you can keep your mane looking amazing! You’ll also need to investigate what temperature YOUR hair needs – and remember, the more minerals the better!”

The thermal styling tools that you end up using are vital to achieving the best condition for your hair. There are tools that just simply emit heat and dry your hair out, and then says Tracey, there are tools that have the built-in ‘sunscreen’ you need to deliver shine and hydration – and a salon professional look, every time you style.

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