2021 Fashion Tips

We are near the end of the year, but there is always room for fashion tips, right? So in this article, we will fill you up with the best timeless 2021 fashion tips.

The point of fashion is to play boldly, freely, and honestly.

Fashion is your way of expressing yourself. There is no right or wrong way to go about your fashion life. You are only “doing it wrong” when you are not following your instincts. You can explore and experiment as much as you feel until you find your sense of self in garments. Forget about rules – if you seek to combine menswear and womenswear regardless of your gender, go for it – go wild.

Here goes your first fashion tip:
Play it your way
Without shame or doubt, do it your way – play with textures, fabrics, patterns, and colors until you find what fits and shines on your unique physique.

You can always add to or remove from existing garments. And you can even create a mood board to best help channel all your creative ideas and visions.

Off to number two:
Make sure your outfits are harmonious
Whether your chosen garments are fitted or oversized, respect the proportions to your body’s height, size, and overall character.

For example, if you want to wear an oversized t-shirt, perhaps well-fitted denim jeans are your best bet.

However, this is only one way to look at it. If your liking is to go all oversized or fitted, you will intuitively be guided by how the outfit makes you feel, whether it is of harmony or not.

Pair your outfit with accessories that will only enhance the overall gear, not with what will hide or tone down the outfit’s reputation.

Tip number three:
Keep your wardrobe staples in eyesight
The best outfits often end up being your neutral-colored cardigan, pair of t-shirts, button-downs, black or floral dress that can pair up with almost anything.

The point of staple garments is to maintain a simple, versatile, and a mix and match wardrobe so that you can use them endlessly for years and still remain fresh.

Your staples garments are for the long run, so keep this in mind when investing in these.

And lastly, tip number four:
Know what you want
Do you know what else is stylish? – Knowing what you want when you go shopping. You may tend to get distracted by numerous other pieces and end up bulking up on clothes you will probably end up wearing only once.

Before you head to the store, make sure to have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, with just a little bit of room to allow the universe to surprise you.

Remember, no fashion icon ever played it safe. Read and take notes from your favorite fashion icons, but make sure you mix it up and pour a lot more of your uniqueness along the way because only you can wear you!

By Janine Pichetterik

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