The animal rescue charity in a league of their own

For the past 65 years, the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) has provided a safe haven for over 175,000 surrendered and stray animals. The average cost to care for an animal is $750 – and that’s a straightforward case. The organisation never recoups those costs. AWLQ relies heavily on the generous support of their donors to be able to continue to do the lifesaving work they do.

At its core, AWLQ is committed to the welfare and protection of animals across Queensland. What many may not realise is the extent of their reach and the breadth of their services. Yes, they rescue and rehome animals, but their impact extends far beyond the shelter walls.

One of AWLQ’s most notable initiatives is their Community Vet Clinics on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich, which provide vital veterinary services to pet owners who may not have access to affordable care. These clinics not only ensure the health and well-being of beloved pets but also alleviate financial burdens for families who may be struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, AWLQ operates a wide network of op shops, serving as not only a source of funding but also a sustainable way to support their mission. These shops provide a treasure trove of exceptional goods for bargain hunters, all while raising much needed money for the organisation. The op shops are always in need of quality goods and welcome members of the community to provide donations to any of their sites.

Fundraising is a cornerstone of AWLQ’s operations, as the organisation receives no government funding and relies solely on public support. But it’s not just about raising money. It’s about raising awareness, education and fostering a sense of community around their cause. From marathons, to bake sales, to corporate sponsorships, each fundraising event serves as a reminder of the collective power we possess to make a difference in the lives of thousands of shelter animals in need every year.

Yet, despite their comprehensive approach to animal welfare, some may perceive AWLQ solely as a shelter, unaware of the myriad ways they serve and educate the community and seek to raise money to continue to support people and animals in need. Others may underestimate the impact of their op shops or overlook the critical importance of their community vet clinics and the affordable vet care model.

It’s time to dispel these misconceptions and shine a light on the true essence of AWLQ. They are not just a shelter; they are a lifeline for animals and humans alike. They are not just a charity; they are a catalyst for change and compassion.

But AWLQ can’t do it without help. They desperate need community support in their mission to create a better future for shelter animals. You can donate now at

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