Declutter Your Mind – and Your Wardrobe – This Spring

Spring is not just the perfect time to declutter your home, it’s also a chance to spring clean your wardrobe, so you can start the new season with your best foot forward.  

According to Motto Fashions owner, Lauren French, refreshing your wardrobe can increase energy levels and create a renewed sense of wellbeing.  

“It’s an opportunity to refresh your style and make space for new trends,” she explained. 

“It’s easy to hold on to things and stay comfortable with what we know and hold on to old clothing that reminds of us of certain times in our life, but as we change so does fashion and reaching for the same old clothes can give you a dated look. 

“Injecting new trends into your wardrobe keeps you looking current – holding on to a lot of old trends makes you look dated and often ages you.” 

Lauren recommends trying every piece on before deciding whether to keep it or ditch it. 

She said often there were clothes that look great on the hanger, or evoke a memory, but trying it on again with fresh eyes can give you a different perspective and allow you to see how dated it is. 

And if you are still struggling, get a friend around to help and have some fun, she said.  

According to Lauren, the pieces you are not reaching for should go.   

“It’s an opportunity to make one less decision in the day. If you are a mum, you don’t get much time to yourself but if you have only items you love in your wardrobe you should be able to get dressed in less than five minutes,” Lauren said. 

“As a general rule I hold onto things that will be really difficult to replace – like a sequin blazer or something really special that you can’t buy easily. Anything else should go if you haven’t worn it in the past few years. 

Clearing out your wardrobe will also allow you to see what’s missing and make way to add a few key seasonal trend pieces to keep it fresh and up to date. 

Lauren recommends holding on to any recently purchased blazers, and definitely hold on to a good fitting jean.  

“Baggy jeans are still the trend going through to summer,” she said.  

“Invest in quality knitwear, which doesn’t tend to date, and a good piece will carry you through the years, so worth investing that little bit extra in.” 

T-shirts, especially printed, will be a key trend for Spring, and Lauren said mixing a casual tee with something dressy was an easy, stylish way to look modern. 

To avoid ending up with a wardrobe next year full of dated clothes, Lauren suggests investing in only one or two items from each of these trend pieces. 

And to achieve an expensive look, wear similar tones head to toe.  

“This is a great formula to build a wardrobe on,” she said. 

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