Spring Clean The Skin From Inside, Out

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of skincare and the latest must-have formulations, but according to some experts when it comes to glowing skin we should be starting from the inside. 

“People look at the skin as a superficial thing, but it is actually a really important organ in the body, especially as it’s the largest,” says founder of SkinB5 acne and skin wellness, Judy Cheung-Wood. 

When people think about skincare they tend to think about their face. In reality though, you have skin all over your body, and if you treat it well, it can benefit you from the inside out.  

“Ensuring your skin is healthy is more than just about looking good, it’s about feeling good with vitality and true wellness,” Judy says.  

“Our internal products are designed to provide a multi-dimensional approach. Supporting the cellular level and how well skin cells divide, heal and regenerate,” she says 

So, how does it work? 

For starters, it has to support hormonal function and adrenal function. 

“We draw on high potency vitamin B5 to support the metabolism of fat in the body which includes skin oil, like sebum,” she says.  

“Vitamin B5 also soothes the adrenal system so when the body is under stress instead of going haywire it responds better. This is linked to the hormonal system and immunity making it crucial for holistic wellness.” 

According to Judy, you should approach your skin as you do your insides.  

“Which is to eat the rainbow,” she says.  

“We include a range of macro and micronutrients and probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes to help with the digestive system and assimilation and a whole variety of helpful herbs as well as adaptogenic herbs for detoxing, reducing inflammation for immunity and balancing the body to help the body regulate and maintain balance.” 

Gold Coast cosmetic doctor and GP, Dr Tanya Unni, agrees that what you put inside your mouth matters for your skin, hair, gut and brain. 

“The remedy for many skin problems is not giving a cream or topical medicine,” she says. 

Dr Unni recommends eating natural unprocessed foods with a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and non-processed oil. 

And adding in supplements in compliment with diet, including collagen supplements and anything that will reduce inflammation. 

Depending on the skin and condition she likes turmeric and adaptogenic herbs to reduce overall stress. 

“Vitamin B is important because people are not eating enough meat and fish,” she said. 

So, while expensive lotions and potions might make us feel like we are doing the best we can for our skin, it could be time to consider supplementing with a superfood or collagen as well as taking a look at what we put in our mouth. 

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