What is Rageism?

It’s rage over ageism!


Rageism is a makeup range for over 40’s and beyond. It is irreverent, edgy, and for women who refuse to fit the stereotype of middle-aged and won’t be ignored or patronised.  It is time to rage against today’s age obsession. Over 40, 0ver 50, over 60. Whatever. We’re over it.​

We love the skin we’re in. The delicately traced songlines of our lives. The whispered suggestions of lovers, past and present. These things make us who we are. They are to be embraced. Not apologised for. We will show them off with pride, in our best light.  This is Rageism​​.

It’s Rageism beauties owner and spiritual leader, Kathrine, Paula and Doris, has fused a desire to spread the word of empowerment to women of all ages as one thing is for sure our girls, daughters, sisters are all going to age and we want to ensure we make this journey liberating, powerful and enlightening.

All our products are Australian made, cruelty free and are beautiful and Lux without the high price tag, try it.. as our clients say it’s the Holy Grail of makeup

To receive 15% off any product simply use the CODE:  Starter

Shop now at https://rageismbeauty.com.au/shop/

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