A Journey of Joy: Inspiring Make-A-Wish® Adventure Fulfills Young Leo’s Gaming Dream

This month, Make-A-Wish Australia and its Gold Coast Volunteer Branch orchestrated a heart-warming event to grant the wish of a remarkable seven-year-old named Leo, whose courage shines brightly as he fights Burkitts lymphoma.  

Joined by sixteen of his closest friends, Leo was treated to a day filled with wonder and joy, centred around his passion for gaming and fascination with science. It all began with an unforgettable gaming extravaganza on the Ghostly Games bus, where laughter and excitement filled the air, creating lasting memories and bonding experiences. After the gaming adventure, Street Science took centre stage, presenting awe-inspiring experiments.  

For Leo, YouTube became a source of solace during his time in the hospital. The combination of gaming videos and educational children’s science experiments inspired him deeply, setting the foundation for his ultimate wish. 

As the day concluded, Leo generously shared his joy by sending his friends home with jam-packed party bags filled with tokens of the wonderful moments they shared together. 

Leo’s mother, Shannon, said the Make-A-Wish journey served as a beautiful reminder that there was always something special to look forward to.  

“For one magical day, the focus shifted away from the challenges of his diagnosis, hospital visits, and treatments, and instead celebrated the unique, funny, and remarkable kid that Leo is,” she said.  

Karlee Chamberlin, President of the Gold Coast Volunteer Branch, highlighted the impact of generous donations and fundraising activities, making inspiring and empowering wishes like Leo’s possible. 

“Make-A-Wish Australia and the Gold Coast volunteers’ dedication and passion brought Leo’s gaming dream to life, leaving an everlasting impact on Leo, his family, and his friends.  

“Their journey of joy exemplifies the incredible power of granting heartfelt wishes and the indomitable spirit of those who support this noble cause.” 

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