Do you want to… Sleep better, recover faster, and optimise your well being?

A local Australian brand is emerging as a pioneer for at-home wellness.

Bon Charge is the one-stop destination for premium holistic wellness and beauty. The introduction of fresh wellness-tech products signifies the interest Australian women have in using wellness tools to enhance their lives. With an at-home spa revolution at our fingertips, this balanced lifestyle has never been more inviting.

Interested in shaping a better you this year?

BON CHARGE might be the place you start looking.

Bon Charge has developed a toolkit of Red Light Therapy devices with these three top-selling wellness products:


Traditionally confined to expensive day spas and boutique gyms, these blankets now offer the luxury of a spa-like experience within the comfort of your own home. The science behind infrared heat therapy and red light therapy suggests benefits like body purification, lower stress, clear skin, improved sleep and soothed muscles after a workout.


Red Light Face Masks, Red Light Neck/Chest Masks and Full Body Red Light Panels are designed for skin rejuvenation and enhancement. A favourite in the Gold Coast’s beauty circle and coined for winding back the clock.


For those seeking a more immersive experience, PEMF Mats ultimately help re-energise your body. The mat emits four different wave frequencies, such as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta, each with their own benefits like increased calm and creativity, conscious thought, logical thinking, better sleep and grounding. What sets this local Australian brand apart?

Their commitment to quality and energy-efficient technologies, while steering well away from EMF radiation. BON CHARGE listens closely to the needs of every-day Aussie women and designs products that optimise your wellbeing that can change your life. The name means Good Energy embodying the DNA of their products, which can help you sleep better, recover faster, feel confident and optimise your well-being. Featured in the likes of Vogue, GQ and MindBodyGreen.

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