Protect Yourself and Protect our beaches

In dealing with the COVID-19 threat, it’s a fact that wearing a face mask is not only effective but also the responsible thing to do.

Face masks stop the spread of the virus in exhaled breath and also prevent aerosol clouds of COVID-19 from building up in closed areas. So far, so good. Right? Not quite.

Disposable face masks are the new pollution problem of 2020. The amount of environmental damage is an enormous problem for our streets, parks, rivers, beaches and oceans. Disposable masks are the ‘latest menace’ in the fight against plastic pollution, campaigners warn. Environmental charities like Greenpeace are urging people to opt for reusable masks rather than the throwaway disposables.

Ok, I hear you say that reusable face masks can be more expensive so let’s take a quick look at that. Disposable masks are roughly 80 cents to one dollar each. Optimally they should be used only once and for no longer than 4-5 hours. In an average day including commutes that could add up to 2-3 masks or more. Multiply that and you could be spending up to $3 + a day, $60 – $90 + a month etc. You get the idea.

Now let’s look at reusables. For the initial up front price you get a washable and reusable face mask with no extra costs. There are many around and are generally available from around $20 with the true designer masks running at around $50. No environmental littering problem, more medical face masks available for our frontline health workers. A win win.

Maria Di Giovani from Big Island Surf Co Australia says that when the face mask shortages were impacting the supply line for health workers, they, like a few others, saw the need for reusables to take the pressure off medical supplies and prevent the threat to our parks and waterways.

Big Island Surf Co Australia face masks feature colours and designs that allow people to add that personal touch to their look. They are hand made to order in Australia, 3 layer 100% cotton, and have a filter pocket for extra protection if needed. Maria says… “we consider them fashion accessories. Every one of our face masks feature our unique anti-fog design and comfy ear loops, so no sore ears. People just love them.”

All the experts are predicting that we will be living with COVID-19 in some form for a while yet. So, if you are mindful of environmental impacts and want to do something about it why not spoil yourself and wear a reusable face mask that shows you care.

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