Does lip filler make you a better kisser? The hot question on everyone’s lips.

According to Dr Vivek Eranki, CEO of Cosmetique, the most common question asked of the nurses relating to lip filler isn’t will it hurt, how long will it last, or how much will it cost – it is – will it make me a better kisser.

“According to our patients, not only does lip filler enhance the appearance of your lips, it also increases volume, definition and structure which enhances self-confidence.

“The other question our nurses are often asked is, when can I kiss my partner again,” Dr Eranki added.

“The answer is, you should wait at least 24 hours after having your lip filler treatment and there are a few reasons why.”


Wait 24 hours before kissing

“Lip filler involves putting a fine needle through your skin.  While it only feels like a small pin prick, it still pierces the skin. It is important to avoid anything that could cause infection or inflammation for up to 24 hours,” Dr Eranki said.


Let your lips settle

“It is important to let your filler settle. Doing this will allow enough time for the lip filler to fully integrate with the lip tissue. Kissing can place pressure on the lips and this can potentially cause the filler to migrate.

“While not common, it is best to avoid any activities which can move the filler around and cause unevenness. The last thing you want is to experience is unevenness in the lips because you couldn’t hold off giving your partner a passionate kiss.”


What if I can’t wait

“Filler migration is rare but it can happen, especially if you give your partner a hard kiss, hard enough to move the filler around so that more of it is on one side of your lip than the other,” Dr Eranki said.

“If this happens, we can address the issue by adding more filler to the other side of the lip to help even things out.

“Lip filler can also travel past the upper lip to above the Cupid’s bow, creating fullness above the lip. This is not ideal. In situations like this, we need to undertake urgent restorative action and dissolve the migrated filler and start over.”

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