Stay On Track This Party Season!

For many of us, the first Tuesday in November  – the Melbourne Cup – signifies the beginning of the party season leading into Christmas.  With so many gatherings, catchups, work functions and end of year awards, this two-month period can be filled with temptation.  The positive aspect though, with a bit of forward planning and structure we can overcome the party period still on track to keep our health and fitness in order.  Below are a few tips to help you not only survive, but thrive!

Plan ahead

The key to your success during the holiday season is to plan ahead. Make sure to write detailed grocery lists for all your meals and stock-up on healthy snack items that you can put together quickly to serve to guests or enjoy with your family. Meal prep is a great way to ensure you always have a supply of pre-cooked and prepared proteins and vegetables on hand. If you are travelling over the holidays, why not do a little online research and find out where the nearest grocery store is so you can purchase some healthy snacks.  

Keep moving

We are creatures of habit so maintaining your normal routine as much as possible will help you stay on track. Don’t leave your fitness to chance! Schedule times throughout your holiday to be active. If you are travelling, find out where the nearest gym is and either work out independently or join a class or get the whole family involved by planning activities you can do together like cycling, swimming or walking.

Stay hydrated

Drink water to help you feel fuller and keep your body functioning well.  Have a glass of water at home before heading out for a meal and if you are consuming alcohol, drink a glass of water between each drink.  Try to keep your water intake up throughout the day especially in the summer heat so you don’t end up gulping down a glass or two before bed and disrupting your sleep by having to make trips to the bathroom at night.

Watch your alcohol consumption

It’s the time of year to be ‘merry’ but calories from alcoholic beverages, especially mixed cocktails filled with liqueurs, fruit juices, and syrups or creamy drinks like eggnog add up quickly. Try to keep to ‘single ingredient drinks’ like wine or beverages that use a water-based mix. Don’t forget that for every glass of red wine you drink it takes approximately 21 minutes of walking to burn off the calories!

Keep temptation away

If you are staying home over the holidays why not take advantage and avoid purchasing unhealthy snack foods and sweets. Having them in the house, even if you aren’t intending on eating them, means that you have to rely on willpower in moments of temptation.

Indulge selectively

Rather than consuming store-bought items, plan to selectively indulge in your favourite homemade holiday treats. It is too hard to deprive yourself completely over the holidays. By giving yourself permission to enjoy one or two special items, you will be able to maintain your will-power, enjoy them without feeling guilty and get back on track quicker. 


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