How to style a scarf!

Pink Panel Renee Lock Scarf Tote Bag, $69.99,

Hello fashionistas,


April has arrived and it’s the perfect month to accessorize.  So let’s take a look at what’s trending.

My hot pick? The print scarf.

I am absolutely in love with this amazing little piece of bliss. Having just come back from a trip to China, I was in heaven when I came across these little gems – you’d better believe I came home with dozens!

A simple square print scarf can be purchased in almost every fashion store; from high end to cheap as chips, or if you are looking for a more vintage look, check out your pre-loved stores!

Seriously girls, you will have so much fun with this versatile accessory.

  1. Update your handbag by tying this around the handles to achieve a chic, European look
    Pink Panel Renee Lock Scarf Tote Bag, $69.99,
  2. Fold your scarf diagonally and roll it up to create a modern headscarf. Simply wrap it around your head and tie to the side. This is one of my signature looks – I wore this look many times while away, perfect for a bad hair day!
  3. Have long hair? Secure a low ponytail and wrap the scarf around, tie and let hang down the back.
  4. Tie your scarf through a belt loop on your jeans for an instant update and a splash of colour.
  5. Fold and tie your scarf around your neck for a classic, cheeky French look – magnifique!

That’s it from me girls, have fun with this month’s trending accessory!

Stay stylish,


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