Let’s Talk About Sex Ladies

Whether single, partnered, dating or somewhere in between, our sexuality as women can often take a backseat in life. We chat to leading sexologist and sex therapist Isiah McKimmie to discover how we can nurture our confidence and communication skills for a positive sex life at any age. 


How does our sexuality evolve throughout our lives as women? 

Our sexuality changes throughout our lifespan. Some people will find themselves more sexually confident at a later age, others may find that hidden inhibitions arise. It’s important to know that we can continue to have a thriving sex life throughout our lives if we make it a priority.  


Do you find women often put their sexuality second with so many other responsibilities? 

Absolutely. Women are often left to do the lion’s share of the housework and get judged more harshly when for their parenting and housekeeping. This adds to the stress and exhaustion women can feel and impacts their priorities. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that the more sexual a woman is perceived to be, the less she is perceived to be a ‘good mother’. This millennia old narrative can impact women’s identity and how they see themselves as a sexual being following having children. 


How are Australian women getting in touch with their sexuality? 

The more women know what they enjoy sexually, the better position they’re in to share this with a partner. In recent years, we’ve really seen a shift towards pleasure toys really targeted towards women’s pleasure and the introduction of audio erotica apps. Talking about sex openly and honestly is one of the most important factors in having great sex. It’s helpful to be able to talk about sex with a partner before you get into and while you’re in the bedroom. 

Taking your time to enjoy solo sex can help you discover more about what you like and heighten your pleasure. 


What are your top 5 tips for “getting behind the wheel” and driving your sexual experiences? 

  1. Make sex a priority. 
  2. Dissolve fear and shame around sex.
  3. Improve your relationship with your body. 
  4. Learn to calm your mind. 
  5. Get great sex education. 


Any myths you can bust for us around female sexuality? 

I think the biggest myth I hear about women’s sexuality is that women have a lower sex drive than men. It’s really important to know that this isn’t always the case – in the right circumstances, women can have thriving libidos too! 


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