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Instagram is the new storybook and Get it’s Kaileigh Carew has everything you need to know to bring your own story to life

I’m sure you know by now that Instagram is the app of the era: the home of the humble selfie and the birthplace of the flattering filter. It has never been easier for Aunty Sharon to show off all the memories made on her spontaneous solo trip to Italy, or for your sister-in-law to brag about her platter making skills at her monthly girls’ night. However, posts aren’t the only way we can keep up to date with the highlights of our friends and family’s busy lives, and maybe brag about ours a little bit in the process. This is because Instagram has decided to make our lives a little more public (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either) by introducing a feature called ‘Your Story,’ and I’m going to tell you exactly why you need to get sharing. So settle in kids, it’s story time!

Chapter one: Instagram Stories for beginners

If your mind is currently imploding with the thought of yet another tech savvy feature to get your head around, this is your reminder not to panic. Instagram Stories are the little red ring that circles your friend’s Instagram display picture. The story feature gives you the opportunity to share your life on the go; ideal for social butterflies and busy individuals who just like to keep everyone in the loop. The difference between posting to your story instead of your feed is that you can see exactly who’s seen it and not just those who have liked it, it only lasts 24 hours so it doesn’t have to be as carefully considered in terms of aesthetics and lastly, it gives your followers the opportunity to be more interactive with what you post. You can even add interactive polls to your story, where people can vote for what you should order for dessert or what you should wear out that night (if you’re game enough to ask!). Your friends can reply to your story via Emoji stickers, and others can even ask questions. Responding is optional of course – you are busy living your best life after all.

Chapter two: The Business Edition

Not so excited about sharing the intricate details of your personal life with the world? That’s okay, because stories are great for promoting business highlights too! Have a new sale happening in store and you need to promote it quickly? Instagram Stories are the perfect place to do so. You can share an image of your sale sign, add the date and time of the sale in your caption and post a poll asking your  followers, ‘Who’s coming to our biggest sale of the year?’ and straight away you have an idea of how many people are interested in the sale, who is actually coming and how many people your story has reached. For businesses, stories are also great for advertising and promoting new products. This is because not all followers may have seen that picture you posted at  3am yesterday morning about the last minute warehouse sale you’re holding today but if you post it on your story, you can see exactly how many people have seen it; and while you’re there can add a few videos of what items people can expect to see and what type of bargains they can rack up.

Chapter three: For the pros

For those a little bit more experienced in the world of Instagram, taking your story to the next level is possible and it has never been easier to make your life look so, well, beautiful!

With the introduction of Instagram Stories has become the world of Story Apps, which help you to design visually appealing content for your followers.

Here are a few of my personal favourites that are used by top bloggers and influencers
to make their lives look luxurious at all times (even if they are faking it!).



The first app that is a must for adding a bit of organisation and classiness to your stories is Unfold. The old film feature is a personal favourite and adds a hint of creativity to your daily snaps.




Next is an app called Snow, which has hundreds of quirky edits to choose from so that your story can look fresh and unique at all times.




Last but not least, an ideal app for businesses wanting to advertise and promote through their story is Jane. With captivating layouts, there is a style and font for all of your business needs. Making your life picture perfect has never been easier!

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