The Magic of Sardinia – Where Culture & Creativity Converge

On a mission to bring Sardinian style to Australian homes, La Sarda Home founder Giuliana Manca takes us on a journey to the heart of Sardinia, a region that truly celebrates its culture, craftsmanship and community. 

Within the Province of Oristano is the well-known fishing town of Cabras, and this is where Giuliana Manca’s Sardinian story begins.

“My home town is called Cabras, just 10 minutes from the capital of the province. It’s a well-known fishing village – generations of fishermen have grown up here and still fish the local lake to this day,” Giuliana shares, “There’s such a strong culture of passing on these core skills and traditions – textiles, rug-making, carpet weaving and other agricultural work are all highly valued and respected.”

Long before launching La Sarda Home, Australia’s premiere online boutique for luxury Sardinian homewares, Giuliana had identified that these very skills and manufacturing practices were something that needed to be shared with the world.

“It was just a natural progression for me to bring these creations to the Australian market, there’s simply nothing else like them – quality, style, storytelling, whether it’s a vase or a piece of jewellery, these beautiful pieces transport you to this incredible island region.”

Working with several local artisans to transport their creations down under, Giuliana reflects on the cultural factors that have allowed creativity to thrive.

“Sardinia is one of the ‘Blue Zones’ of the world, known for the longevity of its people. A big part of this comes down to not only the quality of food and lifestyle but the connection, the camaraderie and the community,” she explains, “Everyone comes together almost monthly for religious festivals – not a weekend goes by it seems that they aren’t celebrating!”

Hosted each year within the province of Oristano is the Corsa degli Scalzi, a procession dating back to the 17th century which honours Saint Salvatore. On the first Saturday of September, 900 male runners adorn white robes and tunics and run barefoot from Santa Maria Assunta Church in Cabras (Giuliana’s home town) to San Salvatore di Sinis, all carrying the image of Saint Salvatore – an impressive sight which culminates in a town-wide celebration with plenty of food, wine and festivities.

“It’s the perfect time to visit – the town just comes alive, and you can really see the generational bonding – fathers, sons and grandsons run together – my own father ran this in the 60s and 70s,” Giuliana recalls, “People gather from around the world to witness it, a moment in time that you’ll remember forever.”

2022 was the biggest tourist season for Sardinian to date, attracting families, backpackers and beyond from all walks of life.

“I’m excited that even the lesser-known areas of Sardinia are getting their moment in the spotlight now – it’s exactly why I launched La Sarda Home, I want to support the artists that have made creation a part of their life and ensure these traditional ways of production can continue to thrive,” Giuliana adds.

Long before they reach Australian homes, the curated selection of La Sarda Home products have been handcrafted by proud local artisans, often female-led small businesses for whom creativity runs in their blood.

“Their home and their workspace are one and the same – it’s completely a natural part of life to express, to teach and to tell stories through their craft,” Giuliana tells us, “One artisan I work with is called Isabella – she’s 92, and her daughter and niece have continued on the business alongside her. Isabella is there, still weaving and using the same looms she was taught on as a young girl – as a Sardinian woman living in Australia, giving a platform to these female industries is so important to me.”

“Every item that goes online at La Sarda Home is one I’m proud to share, I too feel the sense of pride that the creators do, and I want that feeling to be passed on to every one of our customers,” Giuliana says, “This is a totally unique retail experience – whether you invest in one of our ceramics or rugs, Sardinian style is carried through from the product all the way to the packaging. These are pieces of culture, pieces of history, and I’m so honoured that I can showcase Sardinia in this way.”

Giuliana’s ‘Simply Sardinian’ La Sarda Home range is available to explore and shop exclusively online, with new pieces added regularly. Sourced from a place where festivals, food, coastline and culture collide, the perfect addition to your home awaits.

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Photography courtesy of: Cristian Musiu Fotografo

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