Where fashion meets function: cooling pyjamas for hot sleepers

As a nation, we love our sleepwear. Whether you’re working from home or working on getting home, there’s nothing more satisfying than slipping into a comfy set of your favourite PJ’s. If this sounds like you, then keep reading as we road test the latest range of ‘cooling’ sleepwear from Aussie label, Chilly Towel.

When it comes to summer-friendly style, fashion and function aren’t always in harmonious balance. However, for lifestyle brand, Chilly Towel, they’ve managed to achieve just that: a range of stylish summer sleepwear options that are flattering as much as they are functional.

Made from an innovative woven fibre fabric, the new Dry Chill sleepwear range draws moisture away from the skin by encouraging breathability and coolness throughout the night. Antibacterial and antimicrobial, the quick-drying fabric eliminates odour-causing bacteria on the skin and reduces sweat, discomfort, and irritation during sleep.

The mix-and-match styles, which include a camisole, short, pant, and nightie ensemble, have undergone rigorous manufacturing tests and is proven to withstand over 25,000 abrasion and pilling assessments (you know, those little annoying balls of fabric which mysteriously appear on your favourite pieces of clothing – yeah, those).

Another key highlight sleepwear lovers will eagerly embrace is the durability and long-lasting nature of the garments. Not only do they maintain colour vibrancy and shape wash after wash, but they are wrinkle-resistant which means less time ironing and more time keeping cool.

According to Chilly Towel’s founder, Tara Lock, the garments have been a popular choice for women prone to fevers, menopausal night sweats, pregnancy-related discomfort, and general overheating, and was designed locally to flatter a range of realistic body shapes and sizes. In fact, the lightweight and hypoallergenic garments are available in sizes up to 4XL which we are totally on board with!

Our verdict? We love them! As designer sleepwear goes, the Dry Chill range is incredibly affordable and a worthwhile investment for any woman seeking to survive the hot summer months ahead. As they’re super soft and comfortable, we may need to find a way to justify them as office-appropriate outerwear!

The Dry Chill range is available online nationwide via Chilly Towel. While you’re there, we recommend checking out their first launch, the Instant Cooling Towel, as a secondary summer must-have. Not only does it cool to 30 degrees below body temperature, but it remains dry to the touch even when wet. Pure Sorcery!

Chilly Towel has also partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and donates $2 from every sale of the pink Instant Cooling Towel to vital funds for breast cancer research.

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